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About Major Sports

First, I would like to thank you for visiting the Major Sports Web site. I am confident that I will be able to offer you and your team exactly what you are looking for in a softball league. That is, a league that is practicable for your team's competitive level of play, your geographic requirements and the time slots that are the most desirable for you and your team.

I have been organizing and running softball leagues on Long Island since 1981. In the earlier years, it was an avocation. It was something I did out of passion for the game as I played and pursued my business career. In 1992, I decided that what was an avocation would become a vocation and decided that all of my time and energies would go into seeing that the teams that played in my league would have the best softball experience possible. So, in 1992 I incorporated my league into Major Softball, Inc. DBA as Major Sports.

From the time the Summer Leagues start in the middle of April, into early September when the Autumn Classic league starts and then into the middle of November when the year ends, I work diligently and relentlessly on Major Sports, seven days a week.

The fundamentals of running a softball league are quite simple. All a softball team wants from a league is: competition at their level of play, a good field, a qualified umpire that shows up on time and hustles, a Web site or newsletter where information, standings and feature articles can be posted, and for someone to be readily available to communicate with if there is a problem or some question has to be answered.

I am in my office every day and every night during the softball seasons. When you call, you will speak to me and only me. If I am out working on fields (Major Sports maintains most of its fields with a $13,000 Toro Infield Pro grooming machine), leave a message and it will be returned promptly.

I will allow the 3,922 teams that have played in Major Sports over the last 24 years to be the only testament to my total commitment and my constant pursuit and diligence in running the best league I possibly can. The University of Alabama's legendary football coach, Paul "Bear" Bryant, whom many consider the best college football coach of all-time, put it very succinctly when he said: "All I try to do is get a little better every day." That is exactly what I try to do every day as I run Major Sports.

Most importantly, I do not want a committee or outside umpire assigner scheduling umpires for my league. Think about it for a second. Who do you call if an umpire does not show up? Do you call the league official or do you call the umpire assigner? I do all my umpire assigning and have done so since 1992, because the umpires work for Major Sports. If a team has a problem with a particular umpire it is brought to my attention and that umpire is not assigned to that team anymore. If an umpire is late or does not hustle, he has to answer to me. Last year I had 2400 league and playoff games and only 3 umpires did not show. Two were my fault and one was an umpire's.

So, Major Sports is a Pirate Softball league, but I know that is how the teams like it and that is how I like it, because it is for the teams.

Thanks again for visiting Major Sports. For those of you who decide to play in another league, I hope you have a great softball experience this year. For those of you who decide to play in Major Sports, welcome to Pirate Softball!

-- Michael Luther Lynch

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