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The first week of the Autumn Classic league is moving along. Last night after 100 midget footballers had cleared the field Cedar Avenue opened up against Prime Time. Cedar Avenue came out smoking and took the pair, 18-6 and 15-8. The Raiders a new team, but an off shoot of the Raider team that took a bracket championship on summer Sunday nights, met up with an off shoot of the Go Hards, who play on Sundays, also. The Raiders took two great games, 10-8 and 9-8.


Brentwood Liquor picked it up right where they left it off in the summer, by playing some killer softball. They met up with the Vipers for the start of the Autumn Classic league and took a pair, 10-6 and 13-5. Outfield, in their first season in the Sunday morning division they were just getting they softball legs. They played well some mornings and some mornings they just did not. They opened up the Autumn Classic league with two big wins of a seasoned veteran team in Premier. They won, 11-5 and 17-14.


Local 25 came to play. They had their first game on Monday night and won two games with big scores. Even though they demolished their foes, the opposition said it was a pleasure playing against them, because they did not rub it in and were all sportsmen.


I remember the first year of Autumn Classic softball back in 1992. It does seem like it was yesterday. With 14 teams playing in the morning there will be competition for everyone. Kelly & Hayes opened up with two wins over the Dalers, winning, 11-10 and 201-4. The Warriors are back and off to the races, they took their games against the Sizzlers. Sportin' Wood, coming off a bracket championship in the summer, took two from Joe Bu, 9-0 and 8-4. The Coaches split with the Gorillaz, losing, 18-4 and winning, 25-18. The Diamondbacks split with St. Regis. The Hitmen and Eight Men Out did not play because their field was under water. In the night division the only two teams that played were the Javelinas and the Rage, who took both games. 14-1 and 15-9.


The last four teams of the summer season faced off for one game playoffs. The bracket was down to four teams, the Raders, Weekend Warriors, The Reruns and Sportin' Wood. All had one loss each so it was going to be over in two games. The Reruns matched up with the Weekend Warriors and that game went back and forth all game and was won by the Warriors in the last inning, 5-4. The Raiders looked good at the start, but the Wood poured it on in the late innings for a, 15-4 win. So, now both winners headed down to East Islip Marina to finish off the series. With the wind blowing in at East Islip #4 I knew it was going to be a pitchers duel and it was. The Warriors pitcher, Scott and the Wood's pitcher Lew, are two of the best pitchers in the league. They always through strikes and both field their positions as well as any pitchers in the league. When the curtain came down at the end of the series, it was Sportin' Wood winning the final, 4-1. My congratulations to all teams for their sportsmanship and good play.





The Misfits, who have been here before, took on the Warriors in the  final of the top bracket in the Suffolk twilght division. The Warriors are a good softball team laced with veterans, but so are the Misfits. Both managers did a great job of putting together good teams, but on this night it was the Misfits that took the initiative and the game. It was a well played, 11-7 victory for the Misfits.

Brentwood Liquor, a team that has played in the league for about seven years, started off back in the day as a team that did not win many games. It has evolved, thanks to manager, Joshua Guzman, into a tough and competitive squad that proved in on Wednesday night by beating another tough team, the Bat Boys. BL took the championship in two games, 5-4 and 11-4.

There are still four teams left in a twilight bracket that will be finished next Thursday night. The Reruns, Weekend Warriors, Raiders and Sportin' Wood. All with one loss each.




I remember it like it was yesterday meeting Tommy Hudson for the first time. A tall, shy, sweet kid who was putting together a softbal team to play in Major Sports. That was about six years ago.The team name was the Chupacabra's, the mythical, ghostly dog. That first year I think they loss every game. I hustled to find teams from other divisions to play them so they would have a good time playing. They came back every year and every year they got better. I would tell teams about them and pointed out their tenacity as they got a little better each year. Tommy was always front and center managing the team and pitching. Last year I tried to call in the first week of November to ask him something and left him a message. Not knowing at that time that Tommy was in a car accident in late October that tradgically took him from us. I did not know anything about it until I got a call from Matt Dauernheim. When Matt told me he was calling about the Chupacabras I immediately knew that something was amiss. He told me about the accident and we shared some stories and memories about Tommy and when I hung up the phone, I smiled and thought about Tommy. Ours is never to reason why... From the first game this season when Tommy's mother and sister came down to the field with his jersey, magic was in the air. For each and every game his crimson jersey was tied to the fence by the Chupacabras dugout and it flew like a battle flag at every game through the dust and pathos of the competition taking place on the diamond.

On this Sunday six years removed from a team that did not win a game for an entire sesaon the Chupacabras were in a playoff final with against a tough, veteran team, Ashley Schaefer. I have had 4000 teams go through Major Sports in 23 years and have never cared for one seccond which team won a playoff. However, on this Sunday I remember thinking to myself as those games were being played... was it possible that the Chubacabras would pull it off. I was hoping that they would... I am only human as the cliche goes.

When the umpre called and told me the first two games were split and then he told me the Chubacabras had won the final game I thought about Tommy at that moment. I could picture him in a haze standing by the fence down the third base line, leaning up against it arms folded as the action swirled around him. What a story...what a sweet kid... now you can rest in peace, Tommy, you did it.

The Full Swing Bunters is another team that has played for years in the league. In the first few years that never won many games, but each year they would add a player and get better. They were in another bracket final against Los Flamas Blancas. Another good story for the ages, the Full Swing Bunters took the playoff. Congratulations to all of the teams and I hope you all had a great softball experience in 2014.


The Raiders have been around for over 30 years starting up as a team back in the 1970's.

With some years of success, there has been over 10 years of not winning a Championship for The Raiders! With a team that has gone thru more player Changes in the last 8 yrs then the Yankees and Mets put together, finally The Raiders had a Brand new team that was capable of putting up a fighting chance at a championship season. As the Season Came to the half way marker The Raiders were left at an even 8-8 Win/Loss record. With playoffs right around the corner The Raiders came together as a team and said to each other "We Want The Championship" From there on They Never looked back! The Raiders took WINS in the last 6 games of the season putting them at 14-8 walking into the playoffs hot!! With momentum on The Raiders Side they stopped at nothing to make it to the finals by beating the next two teams with two game sweeps to move on to the Championship Game against 12 ANGRY MEN. It was obvious The Raiders wanted this more then anyone!

The Raiders suited up took the field and did something that hasn't happened in over 10 years, DEFEATING 12 ANGRY MEN in 2 games.The Raiders stormed the field with a walk off mercy rule single with bases loaded in game two and celebrated at the pitchers mound. The Raiders who were at 8-8 mid season turned their record to 20-8 with a 12 game winning streak and going 6-0 in the playoffs with 3 run rule wins!

CONGRATULATIONS  TO THE RAIDERS on their accomplishment!!



The  Raiders are a new team in Major Sports, Jason the manager is on top of everything and well organized and he brought a nice groupl of guys with him into the league. Some of his players play on some other teams in Major Sports as well. They matched up with 12 Angry Men on Sunday and took two games for the bracket win. Congratulations to the Raiders for a fine season. The Rebels have been playing in the league for 20 years and they matched up with Prime Time for one of the morning bracket playoffs. The Rebels took it in two, so, congratulations to the Rebels for their win. A couple of teams will finsih off their playoffs this Sunday and they are Sunday night teams.


As the 23rd year of Major Sports draws to a close a couple of playoff brackets had produced champions on Sunday. In the morning the Bonecrushers met up with Kelly & Hayes. During the regular season Kelly & Hayes had beat the Bonecrushers three out of four times. All very good games, but K & H had the mojo going into the finals. All that blew up in the first inning as the Bonecrushers put them on notice right from the start of the first inning with a barrage of good hitting. When it was all over, the Bonecrushers had taking two games in a flash. In the night division the Dalers met up with their arch rivals, Unique. These two have been getting after each other for fifteen years. The Dalers took the first game, 8-7. Then Unique opened up on the Dalers for a, 15-3, win. With one game to go every out was a big one and when it was all over the Dalers had taking the last game, 7-6. Hats off to both Kelly & Hayes and Unique, two great teams that just came up a little short against two class teams in the Bonecrushers and the Dalers. Congratulations to all four teams, especially the Crushers and Dalers.

There will be a bunch of teams finishing up their playoffs this Sunday.


A barn burner between the Warriors and Misfits as the Misfits got that last run across the plate for a, 10-9 victory. A great game of softball. Dr. Print is one of the better teams in the twilight division and they met up with another good team the Prime Time A.S. The Dr. Print never got the offense going and Prime Time took the game, 9-5. The Gas House Gorillas met up with the Irish Posse and took two.


The Warriors and Premier got the week night playoffs started and the Warriors came out swinging. They took it, 19-7. Sportin' Wood took their last two games of the season against the Muck Dogs. The Blue Shirts took two from Soft Nine.


A, 1-0, softball win is like finding the sasqwatch in the woods by Hidden Pond, it does not happen. Prime Time won the first game and then the Shamrocks came back for a stunning, 1-0, victory.


With the rain coming Saturday it was a struggle getting the fields ready for game time, but it worked out and all teams played. The Bone Crushers will play Kelly & Hayes for the crown in Division 1. The Crushers got by the Gorillaz in three great games and Kelly and Hayes moved on. St. Regis played well and move into the second round of playoffs as the A's, Diamonbacks and Rebels do. The Hitmen and Prime Time move on too.

The night divisions had some big games, also. The Beavers met up with and upset the Go Hards. The Raiders beat the Marauders and the Chupacabras took their playoff games.

One team that has been playing some of the best softball in 20 years and that team is the A's. In their last two doubleheaders leading up to the playoffs they split with two of the best teams in the league, Kelly & Hayes and the Gorillaz. A great job by all the players on the A's.


On the last day of regular season softball in the twilight league. The Muck Dogs met up with the Raiders. It was a good first game with the Raiders winning by a score of, 12-10. In the second game the Raiders took it in a darkness shorten 6 inning game.


The Reruns met up with the Warriors and these two teams have been getting after each other for a long, long time. The Reruns won the first game, 9-8 and then the Warriors bounced back for a, 11-1 victory. The Gas House Gorilas almost beat a very good Dr. Print team in the first game. Dr. Print came from behind and won a, 12-11 victory. That took the gas out of the Gas House Gorillas and they got beat the second game, 12-0.
The Misfits won there two games against the Weekend Warriors and the Soft Nine took two from the Irish Posse.


One of the nicest summers I can ever remember. Long Island can be a steam cooker during the summer, but this year it has been sublime. Premier opened up with the Blue Shirts last night and the Shirts came out swinging and took the first game, 11-9. Then Premier came back and took the second game, 9-6. The Bat Boys came to play last night and they took on The Zoo. The Zoo always brings their A game, but last night the Bat Boys got the jump on them from the start and took two, 24-5 and 20-6.


The Shamrocks came back from being down by 8 in the first game for a, 12-10 win over Sportin' Wood. They got the jump in the second game and finished off the Wood in a five inning game, 12-4. Prime Time got on the Chiefs for two wins. Close games, but the Prime took two.


Talk about a dry summer, they was not one complete Sunday washout the entire summer season, which started the last Sunday in April. I know that has never happened before. So, we will start the playoffs on the first Sunday in August for the first time ever. I will be calling all of the teams starting on Wednesday. Good luck to everyone and I hope all the teams enjoyed their summer of softball.


Breaking Balls and the Weekend Warriors met for the first time this season. I thought it would be a nice matchup for each team. I could make a schedule in one day for all of my twilight and night teams. However, if I did that there would be a lot of mismatches and teams playing teams that they would not have a good time playing against. That is why I try and give every team what they want each week. So, it is more work for me, but the teams get to play the days they want and I can get each team a good match up each week. These two teams benefitted last night by the week by week schedule. They played 14 innings of lights out softball and both teams went home with a win on a beautiful night for softball. The Balls won the first game, 10-8. In the second game, they came out and started pounding the Weekenders. They had them by 10 runs in the fifth inning. The the Weekenders woke up and before you knew it, they had stage a big time rally and took a 15-13 victory home. The Raiders met up with the Reruns and the Reruns were short a few players for the first time in 20 years. The Raiders were nice enough to give them a catcher, real sportsmen, and the Reruns took the game, 15-13. They could not play the second game, because the Reruns lost two more players.


Dr. Print is playing some of the best softball in Major Sports. They took on a good Warriors team and took a pair, 7-2 and 7-11. The Misfits met up with The Zoo in "Hurricane Alley", which would be East Islip Marina on a windy night. The Zoo took the first one, 8-7 and then the Misfits won the second game, 9-8. The Muck Dogs took on the Gas House Gorillas, always a good match up and both teams won a game. The AC Generals took on the Irish Posse and won a pair, 17-5 and 5-4.


The Blue Shirts played at 6PM and took two well played games against Sportin' Wood. They took the games, 7-5 and 7-6. The Bat Boys came out smoking and beat Soft Nines, 17-5 and 17-5.


The Chiefs came out smoking last night in their first game against the Shamrocks and won, 18-0, then they took the second game, 13-3. Prime Time took the first game of their twin bill with Brentwood Liquor, 9-5 and then Brentwood Liquor came back with a, 21-3 win.


With no rainouts on Sundays for the entire season, we are getting ready for playoffs in about a week. Most teams will have played their 22 games if teams do not have 22 in it is because they took off a week or two. The Bonecrushers took on a tough Hitmen squad and won two, 22-9 and 26-14. The Diamonbacks and Cobra Kai played two good games with the D'Backs taking both, 14-11 and 9-7. The Sizzlers are finishing up strong. They took two from St. Regis, 9-8 and 10-4. In the, "Battle for the Hood", Ape Shit took on their pals The Beers and took a pair. Two close games. Kelly & Hayes met up with a young The Redmen, formally the Outfield Pub, and took the pair, 8-0 and 6-3. The A's had one of their biggest wins in a long time, beating a good Gorillaz team in the first game, 13-10. The Gorillaz took the second game, 15-10.
In the night division the Go Hards took on Los Flamas Blancas and won two close games, 7-4 and 8-5. Sloppy Seconds left the morning division to come up and play the AC Generals and both teams played their hearts out, with the Seconds taking two close games, 14-13 and 11-9. The Metropolitans took two from Storyville, 7-4 and 104. The Full Swing Bunters met up with the Marauders and both teams won a game. The Bunters won, 7-5 and the Marauders won, 16-4. The Chupacabras went to Venetian again for a doubleheader and took two more. Two good games against the Beavers that went down to the last inning. The Chup's won, 12-9 and 21-17. The Raiders beat the 12 Angry Men, 9-5 and 17-4. The Dalers and Unique were ready to go at it for a doubleheader, but the lights did not go on at Hidden Pond.


This has been the driest spring/summer for Major Sports in years. No rainouts on Sunday and very little during the week. I was hoping we would get last nights games in and we almost did. The Chiefs won the first game, 12-9 over Brentwood Liquor, but by time they got two innings into the second game, that was it. I will give both teams a win for the second game.


The Sunday teams are moving along and getting games in. We have had no rain on Sunday and this coming Sunday it looks good also. The Gorillaz and Bonecrushers met up for a pair and when they do the softballs fly. The Gorillaz won the first game, 21-11 and the Crushers took the second game, 12-12. Kelly & Hayes is having their best year in their short history with Major Sports. They took on an beat the Sizzlers, 12-1 and 9-6. Cobra Kai spotted Eight Men Out 14 runs in the first game, but almost came back to beat them, but fell, 24-20. They did take the second game, 9-8. The Hammerheads took on and beat the Sloppy Seconds in a pair. The Sloppy's keep getting after it. Their former manager Bill was in town and got to play with them. The Outfield Pub won two close games against the Rebels, 4-2 and 4-0. The Hitmen are on a roll. They beat St. Regis, 12-9 and 15-5. The Beers and the Diamonbacks split and the A's beat the Young Guns, 7-5 and 11-4.

Ashley Schaefer took a pair from the Marauders, 17-5 and 4-0. The late game at Hidden Pond was Storyville against the 12 Angry Men were won by the 12. The Go Hards met up with the Beavers at the "Wind Tunnel" at East Islip and two good games by both teams that played good defense were both won by the Go Hards. Unique then met up with Los Flamas Blancas in two low scoring games. Unique won, 4-3 and then Los Flamas Blancas came back for a big, 5-4 win. The Chupacabras took two from the Metropolitans, 21-10 and 10-8. The Dalers played the Raiders and both teams exploded for over 100 runs. The Dalers took two, 34-22 and 34-21.


Breaking Balls, one of the new teams, has a nice mix of some real good ball players and some guys that are just starting to play good softball. They show up early, get their warm ups in and have a good time win or loose. The Raiders have been in the league as long as any team in Major Sports, their manager, Joe Moire has coached this team for 23 two years. The roster of players have changed, but "Old Joe" Moire has been getting after it since, 1992. They only had four wins going into the doubleheader and I personally thought Breaking Ball's were going to beat them. That is why we play the games... The Raiders had their best showing of the summer beating the B.B.'s, 13-5 and 24-12. I umpired one of their doubleheaders two weeks ago and I do not think they scored six runs in both games. A big night for the Raiders.

Sportin' Wood met up with the Reruns and the Wood took the initiative from the first inning. Two good games, two teams that have combined for 40 years of softball in Major Sports. The Wood took both games.


The Blue Shirts met up Premier for a pair. Both teams had hot bats, but the Blue Shirts pulled off the two wins, 13-11 and 17-4.


Well, the fields were done, I only had to do two, and on my way back down Connetquot Ave, a road I have been on a thousand times, an old man stopped at a stop sign on my right... pulls right out in front of me. Thankfully no one was coming north on Connetquot at that time. The old truck still runs, but it looks like it got hit by... a car. The Muckdogs and Shamrocks split their two games. At Hidden Pond, the Chiefs took on a good Bat Boys team and won, 14-2 and 15-8.


About half the morning teams got games in and no Sunday night teams played. Kelly & Hayes took on Eight Men Out and took two, 16-7 and 10-7. The Sizzlers played the Cobra Kai and won both. The Bonecrushers took on St. Regis and won those two games. The Diamonbacks and A's split. The Backs won, 14-1 and the A's won, 6-3. The Gorillaz and Rebels played two good games with the Gorillaz coming out on top in both, 12-11 and 15-6. The Beers and Ape Shit split.


The last couple of games before the July 4th break and we had the Reruns matching up with the Raiders. The Raiders hung in there, but the  Reruns ruled the day. Winning both games, 17-9 and 19-9.


A bunch of teams played as they do on the busiest day of the week in Major Sports. The Blue Shirts met up with there pals the Blue Shirts. The manager of The Zoo, Rob, plays with a bunch of the Blue Shirts on Sunday morning with the Gorillaz. However, it is serious business when they play against each other. The Zoo took a pair, 12-9 and 11-5. The Gas House took two from the Muck Dogs. It is usuall about this time of year when the Dogs start playing their best softball. The Weekend Warriors took two from the Irish Posse, 7-1 and 12-5. The Misftis met up with Dr.Print. These are two of the best teams in Major Sports. The Misfits took the first one, 13-5 and the Doctor took the night cap, 9-6.


The first day of July had some nice match ups. The Warriors and Sportin' Wood went at it for 14 innings. In the end the Warriors came out on top of two good games, winning, 16-12 and 21-17. Premier took on Soft Nine and won two,  13-4 and 11-6.


It is hard to believe the last weekend of June has come and gone. It was a beauty, too. High sun and just hot enough.  The Sizzlers opened up on the Gorillaz in the first inning for about 11 runs and then the Gorillaz answered back with 10. That first game went on forever and at it's conclusion, there was a football score of, 34-27. The Gorillaz got on it in the second game for a, 13-2 win. The Diamonbacks split with the Hammerheads. The Back's won, 8-6 and the Hammerheads won, 10-5. The Hitmen, the old Dugout Pub, are playing good softball. They beat the A's, 9-5 and 12-9 for a sweep. The Outfield Pub took on Eight Men Out and the Pub went home the winners, 10-4 and 5-4, with Eight Men Out losing that last one in the 7th. Prime Time took on the Young Guns and got two wins, 5-2 and 17-5. The Bonecrushers met up with Kelly & Hayes again for two real good games. The Bonecrushers did the crushing in the first  game with a, 10-7 win. K & H came back for a, 8-4 victory. The Rebels took on and beat St. Regis, 6-2 and 10-7.

In the late games the Full Swing Bunters got back in action after missing games for the last two weeks. They beat the Go Hards in the first game, 11-10, and then the Go Hards won, 6-2. The Marauders came up with a sweep of Storyville, winning 11-6 and 13-1. Ashley Schaefer took on the Metropolitans and took the two games, 12-4 and 7-4. Los Flamos Blancas won a pair, 5-2 and 7-1. Unique met up with the Raiders and won, 17-5 and 8-7. The Beavers and the AC Generals got it on and the Generals took the first game, 10-8 and then the Beavers came back for a close, 10-9 victory. 12 Angry Men went to Venetian to meet up with the Dalers and the Dalers got off in the first game with a barrage of runs, winning, 15-3 and then The 12 almost pulled off a victory, but lost, 14-12.

I will call all the teams in the next day or two to see who wants to play this week. Some teams have told me they are in and some teams told me they are not playing.


A great night for softball as the heat was on and it was feeling great. The Raiders send a good team out on the filed each week, but yesterday Sportin' Wood just jump on them early in both games. They got beat by the 12 run rule in the first game and in the second game, were on their way to a 12 run rule, when the Raiders put up 8 in the bottom of the fifth to save the day. They still dropped the game, but looked good finishing and hopefully, it will carry over for them next week.

The Reruns played well and so did the Weekend Warriors, but the Reruns got the win, 10-7. In the second game the Reruns had them where they wanted them, up by four. However, the Weekend Warriors, relentlessly put up four to tie the game at, 14-14. Both teams will get a win for the tie.


Prime Time came to play against a tough The Zoo team. It was a close first game with Prime Time winning, 10-9. In the second game Prime Time took them, 19-7. The Irish Posse took on the Muckdogs at East Islip. The Dogs came out and beat the Posse in the first game. In the second game the Posse put up a fast 3 in the first inning and then the Muckdogs had to catch up the rest of the game. The Dogs tied it up with four in the bottom of the 7th, when the Posse pitcher, Mike, could not find the strike zone. However, the Posse put up one in the top of the 8th and that was all they needed for a big win.


The Warriors came out swinging and beat Premier, 16-0 in the first game. Then, almost as always, Premier got the message and even though they lost, it was a close, 10-9 game. The Blue Shirts met up with the Bat Boys and the teams split. The Bat's won, 10-9 and the Shirts won, 12-11.


Breaking Balls, a new team, has found a nice grove. They have been playing some good softball lately. On Monday they took two from the Shamrocks. The Chiefs took on Brentwood Liquor and both teams got a win. Brentwood won, 15-7 and the Chiefs won, 14-7.


Picture perfect day on the the second day of summer and the air was filled with softballs. It look like one of those perfect days with no problems until I got a call around 2pm. The Full Swing Bunters, called up and told me that they could not muster for their game against Los Flamas Blancas. In recreational softball, things happen, I am just glad that the Bunters, called we as soon as they knew so I could call off a disappointed L.F.B. All other games went off.
The Bonecrushers got back to the Diamond and took two from the Sizzlers. The first one was a, 12-0 win and the second game went right down to the last out in a nail biting, 5-4 win for the Crushers. Eight Men Out and St. Regis, split their two games, with the Eight winning, 10-4 and St. Regis winning, 12-4. The Beers got back on the field after a Father's Day vacation. They beat the Hammerheads, 6-3 and 9-4. The Gorillaz gave Kelly & Hayes their first lost of the season, 14-6, after K & H won, 10-3 The Rebels are rocking. They took Ape Shit for two, 9-6 and 12-0. The A's are having one of their best seasons ever, they took two from Sloppy Seconds, 8-4 and 10-2.  Cobra Kai, took two from the Young Guns, 12-0 and 6-4.
The night division had some nice match ups. Unique and the Dalers went at it and pounded the ball for two games. The Dalers won the first one, 28-26 and then the Unique won, 20-12. 12 Angry Men are on fire, taking two from the Go Hards, 10-4 and 17-7. The Raiders another tough team beat a game Ashley Schaefer, 18-12 and 17-5. The Chubacabras and Beavers split their two with the Beavers winning, 22-4 and then the Chubacabras won, 16-6. The Marauders beat Storyville in a pair of games, 17-2 and 15-3. The Metropolitans took two from the AC Generals, 5-4 and then 12-0.


I knew it would be a good match up and it was. Softball being the strange game it is, weird bounces, big innings, a couple of bad plays and you got a a wild doubleheader. The boys from Premier and the Reruns were going tit for tat until Premier put 13 on them in the middle of the game and that was that. The Reruns looked shell shocked after that inning, but in between games I told them that softball is a weird game. I have seen teams, 12-0 opponents, only to lose, 12-0 the next game. The Reruns took the initiative and put some distance between them an Premier, but Dr. Strangeglove returned and the Reruns let Premier right back in the game. After a close play at third base that went the Reruns way, they came back and took the second game.


Only a few days away from the start of summer and we got hit with a hot summer day yesterday. It felt good to me. The Misfits met up with Dr. Print in a tough slugfest. The Misfits won the first game, 9-6 and then took the second game, 8-3. Sportin' Wood traveled to Venetian and took a pair from the Gas House Gorilas, 14-9 and 15-10. The Weekend Warriors have gotten better each week. Gary Schultz has put together a nice team. They 12 runned the Muck Dogs in the first game and just got by in the second game with a one run victory. The second game was one the Muck Dogs could have won. They were up by four in the first, but the Weekender's chipped away for seven innings to win it. Brentwood Liquor has a very good softball team. They beat an always good Zoo team, 9-8 and 19-7.


It is really starting to feel like summer and they say on Wednesday, the temperature will hit 90 degrees, if that is not summer weather nothing is. The Blue Shirts took on the Warriors at Brookwood Hall and the Blue Shirts took the first game, 12-5 and then the Warriors came back for an impressive, 14-6 win. The Soft Nines played tough, but the Bat Boys had just a little to much. Two low scoring games with both teams playing good defense. The Boy's took the pair, 5-2 and 7-3.


We had two double headers on this beautiful Monday night in June. With the summer solstice just days away, it really has been a fantastic late spring. Breaking Balls has played good softball all year long. With a new team you never know how they are going to shake out, but they have fit right in and have been a great addition to the league. John their manager does a great job with them. They met up with the veteran Shamrocks last night and beat the 'Rocks in the first game, 14-9 and then the old vet's came back for a thrilling, 13-10 victory. The Chiefs met up with Prime Time over at Hidden Pond and both teams got a victory. Prime Time took the first game, 8-3 and the Chiefs, who always seem to bounce back after a first loss, won the second game, 15-11.


It was picture perfect from 6AM right through till the lights went out at 11PM. A Fathers Day of softball and fun for all. The Sizzlers opened the day with two close wins over EIght Men Out, 17-11 and 7-5. There first wins of the season. The Diamonbacks had a good morning, beating a tough, St.Regis team for a pair of wins, 9-4 and 5-4. That last win came with five runs in the bottom of the seventh. The Hammerhaeds split with the A's, winning, 6-5 and losing, 10-6. Prime Time met up with the Sloppy Seconds and took their two games. The Rebels put together two good games and  beat a good Cobra Kai team, 17-10 and 9-6. Kelly & Hayes were ready to go and after working on the field for an hour and a half, it was looking good for game time. However, the opponent called a half hour before game time and said they could not play. I know it is not easy running a softball team, but just put yourself in the other managers place when you wait to the last second to call off a game. Half of Kelly & Hayes, were ready to go, the umpire was there and the field good to go. On top of that two teams were sitting home because they had no team to play. If you cannot play give me as much notice as possible if you can.
In the night games Ashley Schaefer got after the Go Hards in the first game and beat them, 5-1. They almost clinched the second game, but the Go Hards won that in the bottom of the 8th, 15-14. The Chubacabras looked good against a fiesty AC Generals team, the Chuba's took the pair. The Dalers beat the Beavers, 18-6 and 13-5 and the 12 Angry Men took out Los Flamas Blacas, 14-4 and 14-8. The Raiders took the first game against Unique, 10-8 and then Unique turned it on for a, 14-1 victory. Four of the night teams did not play.



Vinnie, the manager of Premier called me at about 3:30PM and told me he had a problem with fielding a team against Dr. Print. I told him I could get some guys and did. However, Dr. Print has a good squad and showed it tonight. Premier with only nine players could not keep up with the bats or Dr. Print. The Doctor rolled for two wins. The Weekend Warriors get better ever year. They come early, warm up with almost their full squad a good forty-five minutes before the game. It showed against the Reruns. They put up a quick six and the Reruns could not answer and they dropped the first game, 7-1. Then the Reruns warmed up and got after it in the second game, but the Weekenders did not give up and chase them right into the 7th inning, when their rally fell a few runs short. Two good games as both teams took a victory home.



I did some games down at East Islip Marina last night. Windy, surreal clouds, chilly. Football weather for sure, softball weather... maybe. All the teams played and got there games in around rain and wind. The Misfits came out swinging in two low scoring games with the Warriors. The Misfits took two, 4-2 and 9-5. Breaking Balls met up with some pals of theirs, the Gas House Gorillas. The Gorillas always love playing the games at Venetian and so far they have had all there games there. The Balls won the first game, 11-10 and then the Gorillas came back for a, 9-5 win. The Bat Boys took on The Zoo and took two, 14-10 and 11-10. The Irish Posse a great bunch of guys met up with another great bunch of guys, the Raiders. The Raiders had two much offense in the first game and won by 12. In the second game the Posse came out rocking and really were in the game until the Raiders pulled it out late.


The Blue Shirts came out and rocked the Soft Nine, 12-0 and 18-6. Sportin' Wood played well and beat a good Prime Time team for a pair.


I knew it had to happen sooner than later, but we did not have a rainout until last night.


12 Angry Men met up with Unique and when I handed the manager of 12 Angry Men, Chris, the schedule and they saw them on the sheet he did not look that optimistic. However, that is why we play the game. In two low scoring games the 12 won, 2-1 and 9-6. I know Unique were coming off an rough morning when one of their players, Lou, went down with a dislocated ankle. We are all pulling for you, Lou. The Marauders split with the Metropolitans, losing the first game, 13-10 and then coming back with a late inning, 9-8 win. Another great doubleheader was Storyville and Los Flamas Blancas. Storyville came up on the short end of the stick losing both games, but they had a lot to be proud of by the way they played. They loss both, 18-17 and 4-3 The AC Generals split with the Beavers at East Islip Marina. The Go Hards hung with the Dalers in the first game even though it was a 19-7 game. However, in the second game they just got beat, 12-0.  The Chubacabras played the Raiders tough, but lost both games, 9-6 and 21-4.

Kelly & Hayes continues it's good start to the 2014 season. Kelly & Hayes took on the Sizzlers and won, 8-2 and 16-10. The Gorillaz split with the Bone Crushers after, as I mentioned earlier, Big Lou, one of their outfielders rolled his ankle so badly that he dislocated it. The Dugout Pub took two from the Diamondbacks, 20-8 and 12-9. Prime Time met up with the Rebels and took two. They were close games and the Rebels played well short handed in that first game. The Young Guns and St. Regis split. St. Regis won, 9-7 and the Young Guns won, 7-6. Two teams that went after it for an afternoon of real good softball was The Beers and the Outfield Pub. The Pub won, 9-8 and 14-12. The A's split with Cobra Kai, winnig, 4-3 and then losing, 4-3. The Hammerheads were ready to play and so were a few members of the Sloppy Seconds, however, the Sloppy's were short about 5 players. Two wins for the Hammerheads.


The rains came and left. Since I only had one field to do at Brookwood Hall, we got the Sportin' Wood vs Weekend Warrior games in. The Weekender's came out hot and pounded the ball that with some dubious fielding my the Wood, led to a 12-6 victory. The Wood came back from that first game and took the second game, 8-3.


Someone sent me a text on Tuesday saying that they had to cancel their game that night. I thought it was the Irish Posse that sent the text and for two hours I tried to rearrange the 6:00PM schedules, so the team that was suppose to play the Posse, got on the field. The text was from someone else. That is why I always tell managers to call me. Then The Zoo got cancelled on at about 6:20PM and I did not get the message until, 8:00PM and that turned out to be a bad night for The Zoo. I apologize to both teams and will try and keep an eye on those teams as they move through the rest of their schedule.
The Reruns took two from the Gas House Gorillas. The Reruns played like the Reruns of old, station to station and displaying good defense. Dr. Print took two from the Raiders, 17-5 and 16-4.


The Bat Boys and Blue Shirts mixed it up in two well played games at the Pond. The Bat Boys took the first one, 10-9 and the Shirts came back for a, 8-5 victory. The Warriors played Premier and Premier just rolled in the first game, 9-0. However, good teams bounce back and the Warriors won the second game, 12-11.


The Muckdogs took on Breaking Balls and both teams played their hearts out. However, Breaking Balls just played better defense and that was the key to these games. Breaking Balls won the pair, 12-8 and 9-8. The Shamrocks got the first win against the Chiefs, 8-6 and then the Chiefs came back for a 13-9 win. Brentwood Liquor and Prime Time split. Brentwood won, 13-6 and dropped the second game to the Prime, 26-14.


On an absolutely beautiful day for the first day in June, two of the best teams in Major Sports squared off, the Bonecrushers and Kelly & Hayes. The Bonecrushers had an unprecedented winning streak, the longest ever in Major Sports, and it may have been as many as winning, close to or more than, 30 to 35 games in a row. I knew and they knew it would not last forever and Kelly & Hayes, playing great defense, took the Crushers for two wins, 14-10 and 7-6. The real highlight of the day was the way in which the Bonecrushers handled those two losses. I have run this league for 23 years and have had just under 4000 teams play in it in that time frame, so that alone tells you how impressive a feat that winning streak was and when it was over the Crushers were as gracious and sportsmen like as they are each and every game. The umpire that did the game commented to me how magnanimous the Crushers were in defeat. I great tribute to them and to Kelly & Hayes for taking them in a pair of games.

The Gorillaz took a pair from the Sizzlers, two good games, one close game and one was not. The Gorillaz won, 11-10 and 12-0. St. Regis, one of the new teams on Major Sports, took two from the Outfield Pub, 14-4 and 7-6. Dugout Pub took on Ape Shit and won, 14-9 and 12-4. The Diamondbacks met up with the Hammerheads. The Hammerheads were not suppose to play this week, because there are odd teams in the morning division, but one team could not play in the morning, so the Hammerheads got on the field. Two close games both won by the D'Backs, 10-8 and 11-9. The Rebels split with Eight Men Out. The Rebels won, 16-11 and the Eight bounced back for a 9-4 win. The Beers came out, with boom boxes introducing each batter( Love that The Clash music). The music most have worked, because the Beers took a a pair, 11-3 and 10-4. The Cobra Kai and the Young Guns split. This is a good one, Cobra Kai won, 12-0 and the Young Guns won,... 12-0. Only in softball do you see that.

The night divisions got their games in with the AC Generals losing a a pair to the Sloppy Seconds, 10-4 and 8-4. The Go Hards met up with the Marauders, and the Go Hards took the first game, 12-6 and then they could not get the ball over the plate and loss, 15-3 in a 12 run rule. M.A.A.S. got back in the winning column taking two, 12-4 and 12-1. The Full Swing Bunters most be missing their manager, John, who is out with a blown quad. I know all about that, I blew mine a year and a half ago getting ready to play football. 12 Angry Men split with the Chubacabras. Winning, 7-1 and then dropping the second one, 6-5. The Dalers and the Raiders split their games, too, the Dalers won, 16-4 and the Raiders won, 15-10. The Beavers got on the winning side of the games this week. They took two, 13-9 and 17-11. Los Flamos Blancas took on a good Ashley Schaefer team and won the first game, 9-6 and lost the second won the Schaefer, 14-7


Sportin' Wood came out swinging and had the lead throughout the two games they played with the Reruns. The Reruns, always game, just could not put two or three innings together to match the offensive output of the Wood. The Wood took two.


Some good match ups on a overcast Wednesday that look more like the weather for football games than softball. The Gash House Gorillas met up with the Weekend Warriors and they matched hit for hit for 14 innings. The House won the first game by a few and the reason they won was because the Warriors gave them several runs on poor defense. In the second game with the light fading the Weekenders got out to a good lead with five runs in the second inning, but once again a bad play in the outfield cost them big in one inning. Going into the 7th the Gas House's veteran, the Sarge, made a great play on a well hit line drive that saved the day. The House won both games.
The Misfits bounced back from last weeks losses and took two from the charging Shamrocks. The Misfits won, 11-5 and 17-2. Breaking Balls got back in the winning column taking two from the Irish Posse, 26-14 and 17-1. Ape Shit, the old Prime Time, split with Dr. Print at Hidden Pond. The Doctor won, 13-6 and the Ape's won, 10-9. The Zoo got back on the field against the Bat Boys and took the first game, 7-6 and then dropped the second game, 14-13.


With only two teams playing on the first day back from Memorial Day weekend and rain on the way, the Chiefs met up with the Blue Shirts. Two good teams and a nice late spring night getting it on. Both teams brought their bats and they were working well with 31 runs being scored in the first game. The Chiefs just happened to get that one extra run and beat the blue shirts, 16-15. In the second game they won, 12-8.


The Reruns off to a slow start, got right after the Warriors, who are playing some good softball, and pounding them for a, 15-6 win. The Warriors answered the way good teams do with a, 12-0 pounding of their own. Premier met up with the Raiders and both teams played two competitive games, with the Premier team taking two, 12-5 and 20-13.


Dr. Print came out on Wednesday and smoked a very good team in the Misfits. I saw the Misfits play the week before and they  were on fire. The Docter won a pair, 10-7 and 15-1, Wow... Sportin' Wood came up with two good games and beat the Weekend Warriors, 11-5 and 12-9. The Blue Shirts took on a Brentwood Liquor team that has added some good softball players. Two good games, low scoring affairs and Brentwood Liqour took the pair, 6-5 and 5-2. The Muck Dogs took on their pals the Gas House Gorillas and with the first game going 11 innings with a Muck Dog win, they did not have time to finish the second game and it ended in a,4-4, tie. Both teams will get wins for the tie.  The Zoo where ready to go, but Premier Coin, due to a commumication breakdown, were not. The Zoo did not get to play.


On a magnificent night for softabll the Bat Boys and the Soft Nine strapped it on for a pair. The Bat Boys won the first game, 9-8  and the Nine came back for a, 7-2 win.


The Shamrocks came out swinging in their first game against a good team, the Chiefs. They took it, 12-8. In the second game the Chiefs got there first win of the season, 13-3. Prime Time played there first games of the season and took a pair from Breaking Balls, 20-4 and 18-4. Breaking Balls is a new team, a nice bunch of guys, who will get their share of wins as this long season continues.


After a rainy Friday and a full day on the fields Saturday getting them prepped and ready for game time on Sunday, all teams played. The Sizzlers and Kelly & Hayes took the field for the first time this year. They both finished up spring commitments and opened up on Sunday. The Sizzlers pressed the always tough Bone Crushers in two games, but came up short, 16-12 and 9-2. Kelly & Hayes on the other hand, came out strong and took two from the Gorillaz, 12-5 and 3-2 in eleven innings. These four teams will battle it out all year long. The Dugout Pub came up with two wins, 6-4 and 4-3 over the Cobra Kai. Eight Men out and the Diamonbacks met up for a pair and the Eight came up with two wins, 12-6 and 9-8. The Beers and Young Guns split. The Beers took the first game, 18-15 and the Young Guns answered with a, 13-0 shellacking. The young Outfield Pub a new team, not the old Outfield Pub, took on the Hammerheads and dropped the first one in a close, 16-15, game, but won the second game, 12-8. St. Regis took on the Rebels and these teams split their pair, too. The Rebels won, 15-5 and St.Regis took the second game, 13-3. The A's met up with Sloppy Seconds, two teams that love playing each other. The A's won the first game, 14-4 and the Sloppy's took the second game, 7-6.

In the night games their were some nice match ups. Ashley Schaefer went to Venetian and took the first game against the Dalers, 9-8 and then lost a close one to them, 3-2. Los Flams Blancas took on the Full Swing Bunters in the nightcap at Venetian and the Bunters won the first game, 19-15 and Flamas came back for a 15-6 victory. The Go Hards went hard and took on Unique. The Go Hards came back from a first game loss, getting beat, 17-5 to take the second game, 9-8. Storyville came up big with two wins over the Beavers, 15-4 and 12-3. The Raiders took on 12 Angry Men and the Raiders won both, 18-13 and 8-4. The AC Generals are back. They have played on and off, mostly on, in Major Sports for over 20 years. They met up with the Chubacabras and the Cabras' took a pair. M.A.A.S., the Metropolitan All-Stars, are off to a big start, they have won their first four games of the season. They took on an beat the Marauders on Sunday.

The standings will be posted in the next day or two and the Sunday Night schedule will be completed over the weekend as will be the week night schedule. The best to everyone on Memorial Day and remember what it is for.  A salute to our brave veterans and for those gave their lives defending this nation.


Mother's Day is turning into to Easter Sunday, a day not a lot of teams want to play. Only six teams of seventeen wanted to play in the morning and only four of thirteen wanted to play at night. It was a rainy couple of days leading up to Sunday and late showers on Saturday night made three of the fields unplayable. So, if it was a regular Sunday with all teams playing, I would have been the purveyor of a lot of bad news for over half of them. They would not have played, even though it was a beautiful day.Unfortunately for Cobra Kai and St. Regis, they did not get their games in. Prime Time took on the Outfield Pub and took two, 12-3 and 17-3. The Diamonbacks beat the Hammer Heads, 8-4 and 19-7. In the night division M.A.A.S took and a Chubacabras team still feeling the pain of losing their beloved friend Tommy Hudson in a car accident in the autumn. His jersey will hang in their dugout each and every game this year. M.A.A.S. took the pair, 7-1 and 14-8. The Go Hards took on the Full Swing Bunters and both teams got a victory. The Go Hards won, 13-8 and the Full Swing Bunters won, 11-8.


All the teams that played on Wednesday were ready to go after a long winter layoff. The Misfits opened up with the Reruns and literally opened up on them, winning, 17-5 and 23-4. Over at Hidden Pond Premier took on Dr. Print two teams in the same division that will be be in the championship mix at the end of the year.  Dr. Print won the first game, 11-2 and Premier came back for a, 11-6 victory. The Gas House Gorillas took on their pals the Weekend Warriors and the Warriors although short in numbers came out swinging and took the first game, 9-6. Then the Gas House, filled up with gas and put the peddle to the medal and 12 run them in the second game. In the night game at Hidden Pond Brentwood Liquor came out on fire in both games and won, 18-6 and 11-4.


On a beautiful night for softball, especially after the weather we had this time last week, rain and a wind chill of 35 degrees. I think the good weather, the welcomed good weather, is here to stay. The Warriors played Sportin Wood last night. Both teams had father and son combinations on there teams. Ken and his son, Justin and Jay and his son, Matt play for the Warriors. On Sportin Wood it is Lew and his two sons, Lew and Rob that play. The Warriors came out with a 4 run first and rolled all the way to a, 14-3 win. Then it got close in the second game. The Wood tightened up on defense and were tide going into the top of the 7th, when the Warriors put up two and the could not answer.

Two good games at the Pond as two new teams, with a bunch of players that have played in Major Sports for years met up. The Blue Shirts, with players from the Gorillaz and Unique met up with the Soft Nines, players from Brentwood Liquors. The umpire told me they that both teams played well, with the Blue Shirts coming up with two close wins, 9-8 and 13-11.


The Muckdogs met up with the Breaking Ballz team, a new team in Major Sports, with some players that have played in the league before. The first game was close, 16-13. However, in the second game the Ballz broke out with 16 in the first inning to take that game in five innings. At night The Bat Boys took on the Irish Posse and took two, 14-3 and 30-3.


It is with a heavy heart that on Sunday the Chubacabras took the field for the first time in five years without their manager, Tommy Hudson. I have run Major Sports for 23 years now and in the time I have never met anyone that was more gentle and kinder than Tommy. He put a team in about five years ago and they had a tough time winning games. However, every year they got better and better and in the last five years have won many a game. He was just a great kid, who loved golf, softball and his friends and family. It was always my pleasure being with him any time our paths crossed. I will miss you, Tommy and I know your friends and family will miss you also. Keep an eye on us as I know you will, rest in peace, Tommy.


With the second week of Major Sports in the bag, the Bone Crushers are showing off the same skills they ended with last year, win by 20 or win by one, just win, baby. Eight Men Out played them well and lost the first game, 9-8, but were crushed in the second game, 27-5. St. Regis beat the Dugout Pub, 6-0 and 15-10, the Dugout was missing a few players, but St. Regis looked good. The Young Guns, after dropping their first two last week, came back and beat the Sloppy Seconds for a pair of wins. The Gorillaz met up with Prime Time and took a pair, 14-5 and 11-5. The Rebels took on The Beers and it looks like those two teams are evenly matched up. With over 60 runs being scored in two games, both teams took home a win. The Beers won, 23-22 and the Rebels won, 15-8. The A's took on the Hammer Heads and split. The A's won, 5-3 and the Hammer Heads, 10-8. The Diamondbacks who usually show up with about 15 players, were down to 7 or 8 in their game with Cobra Kai and dropped two, 16-9 and 20-8.

In the night games a big winner was Los Flamas Blancas, who beat the Dalers in the first game, 7-5. They dropped the second one to the Dalers, 18-15. 12 Angry Men took on the Beavers and beat them, 7-1 and 9-0. A new team the Raiders who won two the first week, dropped two good games to a tough Unique team, 13-6 and 14-4. Full Swing Bunters are back and on the field against Storyville, two nice games and the Full Swinger's took both. The Chubacabras, playing with a heavy heart after losing their sweet and kind manager, Tom Hudson over the winter in a car accident, took on the Go Hards and lost, 24-9 and 20-4. The Marauders met up with Ashley Schaefer with Ashley taking two, 14-12 and 18-7.


We got all of our games in on opening day and after all that rain on Friday into Saturday. It was a busy Saturday getting all the fields prepped for opening day and I know there was a little water and mud on some of the fields, but after all that rain, the fields were in real good shape. I had to push all the games back one hour, but every team scheduled to play did.

A new team St. Regis opened up against Prime Time. They took the first game, 9-6 and Prime Time came back for a second win, 12-5. The Bone Crushers are back to defend their title from last year and they got off to a good start by, beating a good Dugout team, 20-7 and 24-14. The Rebels played the Young Guns, who played at 5:00PM for years, but now want morning games. The Rebels took a pair, 12-10 and 16-4. The A's met up with the Diamonbacks, a pair of old time rivals. There were only 9 runs scored in both games. The A's won, 3-2 and 3-1. The Gorillaz met up with Eight Men Out and started off with two wins. They had to come back in that second game for the victory. The scores were, 14-11 and 14-13. Cobra Kai came out swinging and took two from the Hammerheads, who are the old Tongue Darts, 14-3 and 19-7. Sloppy Seconds beat the Beers, 12-11 in the first game and then dropped the second one to the Beers, 17-8.

By time the afternoon games rolled around the fields were perfect. The Go Hards met up with the Maruaders and both teams got a win. The Go Hards won, 9-8 and the Marauders won, 6-4. 12 Angry Men met up with Storyville at East Islip Marina. Storyville won the first game, 15-14 and the 12 won that second game, 17-5. The Dalers came out swinging in their first double header beating the Beavers, 12-0 and 20-1. In that second double header at Venetian a new team the Raiders beat Los Flamas Blancos, 10-9 and 12-7. The Gorillaz looked good in their first game beating Ashley Schaefer, 13-1 and 4-3.


Well, the winter has passed and the fields are drying out. So, it is time for Major Sports, 2014. I will be in touch with the Sunday teams this week to go over specifics. We will start the Sunday teams on, April 27 and the weeknight teams will start, May 5.

If you have any questions, just call or email. I am looking forward to a good year.

As Michael Lynch took the field Saturday, the excitement was palpable on the sideline for the Sarasota Millionaires. “We got a mismatch over here!” one player yelled, just feet from where Lynch lines up at wide receiver. There were fewer than 4 minutes left to go in the fourth quarter, and the Millionaires were winning 41-8. Lynch was getting his first offensive snap of the game. Still, the rest of the team was rapt with attention, prepared to take in the end of the game with a fascination not usually found at the end of a blowout. As the teams huddled, an announcement came over the loudspeakers that explained the players’ sudden interest. “Give it up for one of the oldest players in Sarasota Millionaires history, Mike Lynch!”

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Needless to say, I think everyone is looking forward to the end of one of the worst winters we have had in a long time. Next thing you know the snow will be melting and the sun will be out as the umpire shouts, "Play ball..." I am looking forward to a great year and I will be contacting all the teams from last year by phone to answer any questions. The best to you all and I am looking forward to softball in 2014.


Well, another year has come and gone. Year number 22 is in the books. I hope each and everyone of you had a Merry Christmas and I hope that 2014 will be the best year ever for each one of you and your family members. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Unique came out hitting and did not stop until they had beat the Hitmen in two. This was the last playoff of 2013. Two good teams, but someone had to go down. The best to both teams.


The last two teams left to play are the Hitmen and Unique in the night league. They will match up this Tuesday night at Hidden Pond.


Brentwood Liquors have played in the league for about 5 years. Each year they have put a better team on the field and this autumn they won their first championship. They took on Premier Coin, who played them fiercely and right down to the last out, but in the final game Brentwood took the victory. Unfortunately, during that game one particular player, who had been warned numerous times about his immature behavior, was giving one last chance to prove he could play with restraint and sportsman like conduct. Unfortunately, for everyone playing he showed that he is nothing more than a loudmouth and a fool. He will never play another game in Major Sports.  


The Dalers met up with the Gorillaz in one of the finals. Two teams that have been getting after each other for years in the summer division, but for only two years in the autumn league. Last year the Dalers took the championship and look like they were off to two in a row when they took the first game. However, on this beautiful autumn morning it was the Gorillaz who would leave Farmingdale as champions. They took the next two and won that bracket. The two umpires doing the game said it was one of the best playoffs they had ever umpired. In another bracket the Coaches took their games with two wins. Eight Men Out met up with Prime Time at Old Nichols road and that final went 3 games with Prime Time taking the final.
In the Sunday night bracket Ashley Schaefer took on 12 Angry Men. Ashley Schaefer took it in two, 31-19 and 22-4. In some match ups with teams just finishing up the season, the AC Generals took on and beat the Javelinas and the Diamondbacks took two from the A's.


The last games of October were played on a perfect autumn night. Not a breeze, no chill in the air, just perfect weather. Premier Coin took on the Silver Bullets. Two good teams that are competitive and fiery. There was a call from my one of may umpires that during the game that things were heating up. Heating up to say the least I found out. Anyway at the end of the night it was Premier Coin taking it in a shortened last game by two innings. However, a complete game.


I knew this was a great match up going into to this game and I told both team managers it would be. Both teams lived up to the billing. There were 95 runs scored in the three games. Premier took the first game by one run, 18-17. However, the Vipers fought back with a lot of push back by Premier and took the next two, 17-15 and 18-10. Brentwood Liquors and Unique finished up the regular season and I am not sure who won the games at this posting.


Nightmare, a very good team that has played some very good teams in there division for years. Young, fast and furious with some Volunteer Veteran's sprinkled in for good measure. There foe, once again was Unique, who have always seem to get the upper hand in their playoff match ups. However, that did not happen on this Playoff Sunday. Nightmare came ready to play and when the smoke cleared in the first game it was a, 15-5 win. With Unique back on there heels, they did fight back and make it a very close game, but on this night it was literally... lights out. A perfect setting for a Nightmare and a playoff win for them. Congratulations.


Some good match ups as playoffs started for both morning and night divisions. The Javelinas took Storyville in a three game series. Storyville won the first game, and the Javelinas came back to take the next two. Las Flamas Blancas met up with 12 Angry Men and this one was a good first game with 12 Angry Men winning, 16-15 and taking them out in the second game, 16-0. In the morning divisions the Dalers had there hands full with there Eight Men Out. After a big win in the first game, I mean a big win, 31-3. The Eight, took the second game, 6-5. In game three the Dalers had to much and shelled them, 22-0. Eight Men Out was filling in for an opponent that could not play on this Sunday. Eight Men Out was in another bracket and they will continue this week against, Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai did the same thing by helping me out last year. They played there first playoff match up out of bracket. The Sizzlers met up with an old foe on Sudnay, the Warriors. The Sizzlers were hot in the first game, winning, 24-3. The Warriors bounced back with a, 20-17 win and then the Sizzlers closed it out with a, 13-2 victory. Prime Time took on Sporting Wood and beat them, 12-4 and 10-7. Cobra Kai took their series in three games. The Dugout Pub moves on with a playoff victory.


The last week of regular season play for just about all the night teams. Unique will have to make up some games and will. The Hitmen came out fast and took Brentwood in the firs game, 14-7. However, B. Liquors rallied the troops and took the second game, 15-14.


Where did the time go. It seems I was just making up the Autumn Classic schedules and now the season is over. Some teams finished up last week and sat, the Dalers and Dugout Pub, but everyone else got after it. The Gorillaz came out strong against the Sizzlers and toot the pair, 22-10 and 16-4. Just one of those days where the Sizzlers bats just did not work and the Gorillaz took advantage. Sportin' Wood is rocking the rock. They took two from a good Eight Men Out team, 21-14 and 22-9. The A's split with Cobra Kai, winning, 11-10 and losing, 12-6. The Coach's took on and beat Prime Time for two wins, 16-4 and 16-12. The Diamondbacks played a good Warrior team tough, but just could not sneak in a victory, losing, 7-6 and 14-2. Ashley Schaefer and 12 Angry Men finished up the season with both teams playing some good softball. A.S. took two in this night. Las Flamas Blancas met up with the Javelinas and won two, 15-7 and 12-8.


As the night league winds down their where some good match ups on a great autumn night for softball. Unique and the Vipers met at the Launching Pad, Old Nichols Road. In the first game Unique came out smoking and won, 17-5. However, in the second game the Vipers struck fast and hard and were winning the entire game until it was tied in the bottom of the 7th when they tied it up at, 11-11. Then in the bottom of the 8 they took it, 13-11. Dr. Print and the Premier Utilites got it on and both teams split. The Doctor won, 14-8 and Premier won, 13-9.


October keeps coming up with sublime autumn days and nights. We know what is coming, so enjoy Octobers grace. Let's start with the night division. Storyville is looking good the last couple of weeks. They took on the Javelinas and took two, 16-4 and 18-6. Nightmare had to much of the Sloppy Seconds and took two, 27-1 and 15-3. Unique took two from Ashley Shaefer, 22-11 and 20-14. 12 Angry Men took on Las Flamas Blancas and took home a pair of wins.
In the morning match ups the Sizzlers are having a scorching autumn. They took on a good Warrior team and took them out, 16-4 and 14-2. Sportin' Wood beat the A's, 15-12 and 15-8.

Prime Time took on and beat the Cobra Kai for a pair. In the second game the Kai almost rallied for a win, but the rally came up a few runs short. The Diamondbacks split with the Dugout Pub. The Coaches and Eight Men Out got it on for 14 innings of solid softball with the Coaches edging them in both games, 10-9 and 9-8. The Dalers played the Gorillz in a rematch from two weeks ago. Both teams combined for 113 runs and both teams went home winners. The Dalers won the first game, 35-27 and the Gorillaz won the second game, 28-23. They sound like South East Conference football scores.


The AC Generals are just out gunned in this night league. I got them a doubleheader this past Sunday and they won two against a team they match up nicely with, but the night teams are just to good for them. Dr. Print put up a ton of runs against them in two wins, 34-4 and 15-1. The Silver Bullets played their best doubleheader of the short fall season by taking Premier Coin for a pair, a good Premier coin team. The scores were, 10-7 and 19-14.


Premier Utilities met up with a good match on Tuesday. Brentwood Liqours has the best team it has had in the last four years. They went stroke for stroke for 14 innings. However, in the end it was Premier, 8-7 and 13-8.


Two good teams met up on Sunday morning and I knew it would two barn burners. The Dalers took the first game, 18-17. In the second game they added a few more runs, but it was still a close, 15-11 victory. The Dalers are now, 9-1. Eight Men Out came out swinging and beat a shocked Sizzlers team,17-2. In the second game the Sizzlers bats came to life and they returned the favor, 17-4. The Coaches took on Cobra Kai and took the pair, 25-7 and 21-13. The Dugout matched up with the A's and took two, 15-7 and 14-8.
In the Sunday night games Ashley Schaefer met up with 12 Angry Men. Ashley won the first game by one run, 8-7 and took the second game. 12-10. Unique and Nightmare split their pair. Nightmare won, 22-10 and Unique won, 24-4. The Javelinas waited as long as they could for Las Flamas Blancas to show. However, L.F.B. could only muster 5 or 6 players and took the forfeit. The AC Generals took on Storyville and in a night where balls were flying all over Hidden Pond, they took two, 17-15 and 18-6.


As the teams got ready to play on Wednesday night it felt like it was the middle of the summer with the temperatures around the mid 70's before the game. Of course, we better enjoy it while we can, because we know what follows these Indian Summer like days of October. Two good match ups had the Hitmen playing Premier Coin. The Coin took the first game, 15-11 and then the Hitmen bounced back with a nice, 14-7 win. The Brentwood Liquors team took on the Silver Bullets.  The Bullets got out to a fast start and took the first game, 14-9, but the Brentwood Liquor squad wanted to go home with a win, too and took the second game, 16-5.


Last night four teams played and they are all some of the top teams in the league. I umpired one of the doubleheaders with another umpire and it was 66 runs combined for both teams. Dr. Print met up with Premier Utilities and it was non-stop from the first inning to the last in game two. Both teams went back and forth with bit hits and runs scored, but in the end of the first game it was Premier the winner, 19-16. In the second game it was Dr. Print rolling and then Premier got back into it, but Dr. Print closed the deal with a, 17-14 win.
The Vipers met up with Unique and this was a barn burner for two games. The Vipers got the best of Unique in the first game, 19-12 and Unique answered with a, 19-7 win of their own in the second game.


As the last day of September passed the Brentwood Liquors and Premier Coin faced off at Nichols Road. These teams know each other well because some players on each team have played with and against each other. A beautiful night with no wind and both teams pounded the ball from the start. However, both teams play good defense so there was some nice fielding going on from both teams. It seemed as if each ball it was a rocket with both teams trying to take that extra base. There was even a triple play which went from first, to third for a tag out and then back to second for a tag out. The first game went to the Premiers in a, 10-5 win. The next game was just as explosive with the Coin taking it, 11-10.


Autumn does have some nice weather and Sunday was one of those days. The Dalers took a trip to East Islip Marina to play the Gorillaz. The first game was a back and forth affair with both teams having a lead during the game. However, the Dalers closed it with a, 12-11 win. The second game was a run rule. The Warriors took the first game against Eight Men Out, 14-10, but the Eight came back for a nice, 10-9 win. The Dugout took their second win of the season, 10-9, but that was after a, 28-4 beating. The A's and Prime Time split, with Prime Time winning, 11-1 and the A's, winning, 10-8. A good match up was Sportin' Wood and Cobra Kai with the Wood taking two, 15-13 and 10-9. The Sizzlers were sizzling with two big wins over the Coach's, 13-10 and 19-17.

Storyville came up with their first win of the season in a thrilling game against the Javelinas. The Javelinas took the first game, 14-8 but the Storyville 10 came back in the second game with a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 7th. to win it, 19-18. Nightmare took two from 12 Angry Men, 19-7 and 19-7. The Sloppy Seconds are having their best year ever. They were, 5-1 going into the Sunday games. They dropped two to Unique, but have a lot to be proud of. Unique has been one of the better teams in the league for years and the Seconds played well even though they dropped two, 21-9 and 21-4. Ashley Schaefer took two from Las Flamas Blancas, 19-14 and 13-7.


Dr. Print a new team with some members of Gios Pizza on it, picked up their first win in there second week of competition. They played Premier Coin and took the first game, 11-9 with a comeback late in the game. In the second game it was Premier Coin with a, 26-12 win.



The AC Generals have been in and out of Major Sports for 20 years. They are back, but have not had any luck putting runs on the scoreboard. Premier Utilities took both games with big scores. The Vipers got to the Silver Bullets early with a, 13-1 victory. The Bullets tried to match up with them in the second game, but could not keep up and dropped a, 26-13 game to them.


The Hitmen are a very good softball team, make no mistake about it. However, they ran into a buzz saw on Monday night against Unique. Unique took the pair, 30-18 and 19-7.



I knew with the late rain on Saturday night it was not going to be a good morning. By time I got to Brookwood Hall South at 7:15AM I knew it was over for the morning games. All fields were washed out, but with the sun coming out at 10AM it gave me all day to work on the fields and get them ready to play for the night games.

Sloppy Seconds is having there best run in three years, they are at, 5-1 through the first 3 weeks. They matched up with Storyville this past week and took two. Nightmare and Ashley Schaefer played on into the night. Both teams bombed the ball and in the end Nighmare had two wins, 13-12 and 28-16. Las Flamas Blancas played tough against a good Unique team, but lost two, 11-4 and 23-2. The Javelinas met up with 12 Angry Men. The Javelinas are playing good softball, but dropped the pair, 13-7 and 12-4.


Well, the final for the top bracket in the summer 2013 twilight division was completed last night. Gios Pizza met up with the Misfits and the Muff Divers.. Gios opened up against the Misfits and took them, 16-7. Then they played the Muff Divers and their bats went silent. The Muff Divers took the final, 14-1. Congratulations to all the teams in the final, especially the Muff Divers who took the Championship.


The Silver Bullets got back on the field in Major Sports last night. They did not play in the summer as they usually do, but were ready to go last night. They met up with a good Hitmen squad and took the first game, 23-21. The Hitmen came back for a, 18-6 victory. Premier Coin beat Premier Utilities, 12-7 and 12-8.


The Dugout Pub ran into a Sizzler team that hit as well as it has in all of 2013. The Dugout Pub is a good team, but in this Sunday morning they could not hit and dropped two, 21-3 and 16-1. The Warriors are looking good. After taking two last week they beat a good Gorillaz team for a pair of wins. The Cobra Kai won two against the A's and Sportin' Wood got their first wins of the season beating Prime Time, 8-7 and 6-2. The Dalers picked up two wins against Eight Men Out. The first game was a, 22-4 win. However, the Eight sent out for some coffee between games and almost took the Dalers in the second game dropping a very close, 13-12 game. The Coaches and Diamdbacks got it on and split two. The Coaches won, 10-4 and the Backs won, 17-13 after a big comeback late in the game. Unique took two from Ashley Schaefer, 10-4 and 22-4. Nightmare met up with Las Flamas Blacas for the first time and both teams won one each. Las Flamas won, 6-4 and Nightmare won, 13-1. Sloppy Seconds is playing some of their best softball in three years. They met up with a good 12 Angry Men team and split. The Seconds won the first game, 13-3 and the 12 came back for a, 7-5 win.

The Javelinas took on Storyville and won two good games. They won 14-6 after a big 9 run 4th. Storyvill almost pulled off a big win in the second game. Down 20-11 going into the bottom of the 7th they put up 7 and left the bases loaded.


The Vipers are back and the Hitmen are back and they faced off on Tuesday. Two very good teams, but on this night the Hitmen got the best the Vipers. The AC Generals have returned. George Assenza and the AC's have been around for a long time dating back to 1994. They have probably played in 15 of the 22 years of Major Sports. They met up with Premier Coin and the Coin had their number on this night. The Coin took the pair.


I look at my last post and it was almost two and a half weeks ago. Well, the softballs are flying through the autumn air, even though it says summer on the calender. This is always my favorite time of the year. A short autumn season and college and pro football kicking off. So, lets get caught up.

The Autumn Classic season started on Sept. 8 with just about all the teams playing except 4. The Sizzlers opened up with the Dalers Farmingdale High School, a great field and my thanks to the Dalers for getting it again. The Dalers took the first game, 21-9 and the Sizzlers bounced back for a, 10-6 win. Sportin' Wood can always get after it on the softball field, but they ran into what be the best team in the league this year, the Warriors. The Warriors took the pair going away. The Gorillaz met up with Eight Men Out and took two, 18-6 and 14-2. The Eight did not have their entire squad or the scores would have been a little different, not taking anything away from a good Gorillaz team. The Dugout Pub is back and they split with the Coaches. The Coaches won the first game, 10-4 and then dropped the second game, 17-13. The A's came out swinging against Prime Time and took two, 8-6 and 12-7. On a sad note one of their players, Bob, mess up his knee in the outfield. My best to him in hopes of a 2014 return.

In the night division a few teams got on the field for the start of the season. The Javelinas are BACK... It was good to see them and they will have a good season. They played the Sloppy Seconds and dropped two, 12-10 and 11-7. However, you will see some W's in the win column soon for the Jav's. Storyville dropped two to Las Flamas Blancas. Two new teams and I am glad they came a board. Unique met up with Nightmare and split their games.


It could not have been a more perfect day for softball on the last Sunday of the 2013 Sunday season. Perfect!! Eight Men Out took on the Diamondbacks for a final and the Eight won in two, 6-2 and 9-4. It was a great match up for teams that have been playing each other for years. There were two Sunday night playoffs one a winners bracket and one a losers bracket two-out-of-three. Ashley Schaefer took on The Charros for a final in the winners bracket. It was a barn burner in the first game, won by Ashley, 13-12 and The Charros, who came from behind last week for two wins, could not pull it off on this night. They went down, 11-3 for a final win for Ashley to take the bracket. In another bracket final we had 12 Angry Men and the Ball Busters. I thought the Ball Busters had the edge in this one, but last week the 12 played Ashley real close and their playoff went 3 games. In the first game the 12 won, 8-7 on a final close play at the plate. No one hit in the second game and the Buster's won, 2-0. in the final it was the 12, winning 10-9. A great playoff and a great playoff win for 12 Angry Men.


Max's Tire came down on Thursday and had to win. Win they did as they beat the Reruns, 15-3. The Reruns just did not hit. The Raiders won their playoff game.


This will be the last really busy Wednesday of the year. Wednesday is the busiest night of softball for Major Sports and this one is filled with teams in the playoffs. The Misfits beat the Warriors, which eliminates them. The Warriors had a great year, but in the playoffs everyone is pump up and they just were on the down side of back to back losses.  The Reruns beat Sportin' Wood and Max's Tire beat Reliable Gutter, 12-4 and Premier Coin moves on with a 15-5 victory.. The Weekend Warriors took on and eliminated the Gashouse Gorillas, 9-1.


Gios got the best of the Warriors and gave them their first loss. Now, tomorrow the Warriors play the Misfits and both teams have one loss, so one really good team is going home after tomorrow nights game between those two teams. The Raiders beat 12 Pack and Premier beat Prime Time. The Shamrocks took on and beat the Muckdogs.


One team was eliminated last week and this week several teams will have to put their bats away for the summer. GSI met up with the Bulls. It was the first playoff for both teams. GSI, put up 3 in the 2nd and 3 in the third to a 6 nothing lead and the Bulls, even though they played well in the field, could not get their bats to work. Final, 7-2.


The Bone Crushers went from start to finish with no losses. That has only been accomplished twice in Major Sports in 22 years and just under 3800 teams have played during that duration of time. So, that is not an easy feat to accomplish as proven by numbers and or any concession to the laws of averages. They did not play their last two games of the regular season, because this is after all recreational softball and everyone does have a life and other obligations to family and friends. However, as the French  would say winning their last two games would have been, "fait accompli" which means an accomplished fact. They got to the field 45 minutes before each game, warm up and played solid softball for 14 innings each time they got between the lines. Both Unique and the Sizzlers had nothing but praise for them as they eliminated each of those teams in 2 games each. My congratulations to the Bone Crushers and their opponents for playing competitive softball and doing so with sportsmanship and elan. The Crushers beat the Sizzlers in the finals, 12-5 and 18-6.

In the other morning bracket Eight Men Out met up with Prime Time and after the Eight won the first game, they lost the second game by 7. Now, it was do or die or one of those teams. The Eight came back swinging in the first inning and never stopped as Prime Time could not match run nor run and Eight Men Out move on. The other two teams Cobra Kai and the Diamonbacks met up at East Islip Marina. This was a good match up, too. The Back's took the first game, 10-9. The Kai came back with a, 8-5 win. Now it was one game takes all and the Diamonbacks opened up the offense and took it, 14-7. A good year for both teams and now the Backs finish up against Eight Men Out in the final.

The Sunday night divisions are coming into their final weeks. Some team did not play this week waiting for the outcome of some of these playoffs, because some teams started. The Go Hards who have been getting after it for years had beat a good team the week before, Strictly Bizness and were matching up with The Charros. The first game went to the Go Hards, 9-7. It was not as close as the score shows. The Hards had them the whole game due to some dubious fielding by The Charros. Final, 9-2. Then the The Charros woke up and and took the second game, 17-10. Now, the season comes down to one game. The Go Hards could not hit in the final game only scoring 1 run. The Charros took it, 6-1 to move on. Ashley Schaefer took on 12 Angry Men and this was another good one. A. Schaefer took the first game, 10-9. The 12 took the second game, 8-5. One more to go and Ashley Schaefer had a little more in the tank than 12 Angry Men. Winning,

Another final was Unique and Nightare. Nightmare came up big last week beating a tough Dalers team at Venetian. Both these teams have been getting after each other for a few years now and have built up a mutual respect for each other as displayed by the before the game banter and joking with one another. It made me proud of both teams. Unique, with game tested veterans and Nightmare, with great skills, youth and speed. I knew it would be a good match up and it was. It only went two, but the scores tell it all. Unigue won, 9-8 and 12-9.


The Reruns got off to a slow start, but finished strong. They met up with and beat the Raiders, 14-12. The Raiders came back in the last inning with 5 runs, but could not put those last two across.


Wednesday is the day when the top teams in the twilight division usually play and play they did. The Misfits, obviously, licking their wounds for a first week loss, came to play. Double R was their opponent and they come to play, however not on this night. The Misfits unloaded with a, 18-1 victory. The Muff Divers came out on top with a big win over Premier. The Warriors met up with Reliable and Reliable had them going into the late innings and then two of their players had to leave because of another playoff in another league. The Warriors took it in the end. The Zoo took on Brentwood Liquor in their playoff and won moving on to next week. Sportin' Wood beat Gashouse Gorillas in both of their first playoff games. Premier Coin won their match up.


Messy rain knocked out most of these games, but the Raiders and Sportin' Wood played. The Raidersd looked good, winning a pair.


Well it was a beauty. A great day to play softball. The fields were trimmed and infields perfect. The Bone Crushers met up with the Gorillaz, two good teams matching up. The Bone Crushers seem to have the offense and defense this year. The first game was a close one that was won by the Crushers, 11-7. However, it was closer than the score indicates. A late fielding blunder by one of the Gorillaz opened the flood gates for the Crushers to push those last runs across the plate. In the second game it was all Bone's, winning, 19-9. My best to both teams for conducting themselves as sportsmen and gentlemen during a tough playoff.

A few more teams that are moving on in the playoffs are Eight Men Out, Diamondbacks, Cobra Kai and Prime Time. For some of the teams I will get them games if they want to play and some say they would like to get out there one more time this year.

A couple of big wins in the night division. Nightmare and the Dalers have had some nice games this year, with the Dalers having a slight edge. Nightmare made the ride to Venetian for the playoffs with the Dalers and when it was over it was Nightmare in two. Winning, 13-5 and 9-5. Unique took their playoff so those two teams will match up. The Go Hards took out Strictly Bizness in there playoff. The series went three games, G.H. won, 12-0, S.B. won, 13-7 and then the final went to  the Go Hards, 12-11. I know that no one likes loosing, but I was a little surprised by some of the actions from players on one particular team. It has been discussed with the manager of that team. I was not happy... Ashley Schaefer, 12 Angry Men and The Charros move one in their bracket. With some other teams finishing up, also.


Premier met up with Double R in the first round of the playoffs. Double R had them where they wanted them in the 6th, but Premier put up 7 to win, 13-12.


The last week of makeups with a couple of teams starting in the playoffs this week in Major Sports. The first teams to start the twilight playoffs will be the Muff Divers vs Misfits on Wednesday and then Double R will play Premier on Thursday. The other teams are sitting it out or finishing their seasons. 12 Pack came down to Brookwood North and took two from the Shamrocks, 12-4 and 8-4. The Raiders took a pair from the Weekend Warriors. The first game was not close, but the second game was a come from behind win for the Raiders, who came back from being down, 10-2. They pulled it out in the bottom of the 5th as night fell. I would like to correct a mistake from last week in the standings. The Weekend Warriors beat the Irish Posse in a doubleheader with the Warriors pitcher, Bob, shutting out the Posse, 12-0 in the second game. Gios came to play softball and beat the Reliable Gutter team, 17-7 and 12-5. The Haymakers and Safelite split.


It seems as if we just started. April 28 seems like it was last weeks in some ways. However, a long rainy, hot and dusty summer is now in the rear view mirror. The playoffs have started. In the morning divisions the Sizzlers met up with Kelly & Hayes in what I knew would be a good playoff match up. Kelly & Hayes took the first one, 11-8. Drawing first blood is huge in a play off, with only one win needed the juices start to pump. The Sizzlers would have none of that. They took the second game, 9-3. Now the tide swings and the Sizzlers took the final game, 10-4. The Sizzlers will now wait for the winner of the Bone Crushers - Gorillaz games.

The Rebels played well all season, they play the best of the best on Sunday morning. So, their record does not always reflect how good they are. However, Eight Men Out got the best of them in the first week of a playoff and won tow, 18-6 and 20-7. A real barn burner was Prime Time vs The Beers. Old friends make great competitors on the field. The Beers took game one, 10-3 and then Prime Time took the second game, 7-6 which set up a game winning hit by Big Mike in the bottom of the 7th to win it, 13-12.

In the night division the Go Hards beat the Full Swing Bunters in two games, 24-15 and 12-3. Strictly Bizness won two from the Chubacabras, who have not played in two weeks, so their game may have been lacking. However, the Biz won two, 8-3 and 18-4. Nightmare moves on with a playoff win, also.


It was a sloppy field with a steady mist. However, it could have been played on. The Raiders wanted to play and their opponent did not and of course I would never force a team to play on a muddy field. There are to many nice days coming up to play softball.


With a full slate of games on the final day in July and the final Wednesday before the playoffs 12 teams got their final licks in before the playoffs. The Misfits took on Max's Tire and beat them, 19-7 and 10-8. The Warriors and the Muff Divers met up again and split again. The Warriors won there game, 11-7 and the Divers won, 8-5. The Gas House Gorillas played a Sunday team, Nightmare and the teams split. Nightmare won, 19-3 and then the House came back with a comeback, 12-4 win. The Irish Posse came up with their best night of softball beating the Weekend Warriors in a pair, 11-8 and 12-0. Premium Coin took a pair from GSI, 12-8 and 12-7.


The last Tuesday of regular season games had Premier and Reliable Gutter sweeping their games. Sportin' Wood met up with 12 Pack and both teams got a win. Some teams are snake bitten each year. This year it is Gios Pizza, the Bulls could not put a team together for their games with Gios.


The 22nd year of regular season softball is winding down. Some of the teams that played today have been in this league for as many as 20,19, 18 and 16 of those seasons. It is a good feeling knowing that it is coming to a close and playoffs are right around the corner. A nice match up on Sunday night was Strictly Bizness and the Full Swing Bunters. These teams went into the game at 11-9 each. Both teams have gotten better each year and this was a good match up for first place. When the smoke had cleared the Biz had two wins under their belt. Winning, 10-7 and 11-8.


With the twilight divisions ending up in the next week, Gios Pizza had to play twice this week. Thursday is not their day, but they got a team down to the field at Brookwood Hall. A pretty good team, I hear. Double R can get after it and on a day that was almost cancelled because of bad weather, I told both teams to go down and see if it clears up, which it did. Gios came out banging and did not stop until they had two wins, 10-5 and 19-8.


Wednesday is a big day for twilight and night teams and and all fields were in play on a beautiful summer evening. Max's Tire took on the Gas House Gorillas and took two, 14-2 and 13-11. The Misfits met up with the Reruns for the first time this year and the Misfits are starting to come back from a slow start. The beat the Reruns, 5-3 and 11-8. Premier Coin met up the Weekend Warriors and won their games, 6-1 and 17-1. The Muck Dogs helped me out with playing at 7:15PM against  a team I knew they would enjoy playing against, the Irish Posse. The Muck Dogs prefer their games at 6PM, but said they would play the Posse. The Posse had them on the rack for the entire game winning by as much as 9 going into the bottom of the 6th. The Mucker's put up 6 and 7 runs in the next two innings to win, 20-16. The Dogs also won the second game, 17-11. The Zoo showed up right at game time to take on Premier. This was a match up with another twilight team playing a night team, which I do as many times as I can to get good match ups and for teams to see other teams. The Zoo, won both welled played games, 11-9 and 11-10.


It look like rain all night. It rained for a little while during the 6PM games, but nothing heavy enough to knock out those games. However, right after the 7:15PM games were over the sky opened up. 12 Pack and the Raiders met up and the Pack played well in the field and with the sticks in their hands. They beat the Raiders, 7-4 and 10-5. Gios Pizza ran into a buzz saw with the Warriors playing their best ball in years. The Warriors won, 22-5 and 13-0. Sportin' Wood looked good taking out Reliable Gutter, 15-3 and 17-10. Prime Time has a nice team and Brentwood Liquors has won a bunch this year. However, Brentwood got beat up bad last night at Hidden Pond. Prime Time took two, 13-1 & 20-2.


Most teams got out there this week and played softball. There will be one more of make-ups and then it will be the playoffs for the Sunday teams. All teams will make a two out of three playoff, with one, two or three teams having a bye the first weekend. I will take a close look at what I think will be a fun playoffs for all the teams. I may have one or two more brackets, because I do not want the first round to turn into a blood bath for some teams. I will extend it as long as I can and give all the teams as much consideration as I can to where and who they will play. So far it has been a great year even though we have played around a lot of rain. If there are any questions call or email.


The last day of a hot week of softball came to an end on Thursday. Two teams could not play, one manager told me he could not have been happier for the other team to cancel out. So, Sportin' Wood met up with the Muck Dogs. The Wood came out swinging and put up 4 in the first inning and the Dogs just could not get their offense going. The final score was 12-4. Then all of a sudden the Wood's bats went silent and they went silent for 7 innings. The final score was, 3-0. A shut out for Angelo the Muck Dog pitcher.


We are talking the dog days of summer. Now, it feels like summer. As I kid it seemed like there were days like this all the time. No shirt, black Keds, khaki shorts and a baseball hat. Going down to the field everyday with my brothers and friends and trying to channel Mickey Mantle as my skinny arms tried to get that bat through the striking zone. Memories of a gentle time long gone...
The Warriors met up with the Misfits and in the first game the Warriors came out on top, 11-4. However, the Misfits showed why they won the playoffs last year and answered with a, 6-5 win. The Reruns are starting to settle down and play good softball. They had a slow start. They beat the Gas House Gorillas in a pair, 18-13 and 12-6. The Muff Divers took on a very good GSI team and turned them back winning two, 8-3 and 13-4. Premier Coin played later in the night to match up with The Zoo. and the teams split. The Coin won, 8-4 and The Zoo bounced back for a, 6-2 win. The Weekend Warriors did the same in playing later on with a 7:30pm start against the Safelite Sluggers. The Sluggers took the first game with a 12 run rule, 16-4 win. The Weekenders came back with a pounding of their own to win, 13-4.


With the Florida heat in town teams still want to play softball. A couple of nice match ups on a hot and dusty night had Reliable Gutter take two from the Haymakers.  Reliable took the first game, 8-7 and the second game, 13-4. Thanks to Reliable for playing at 7:30pm. The Raiders and Prime Time were the only two teams at Brookwood Hall the long balls had the outfielders on both teams running all over the field. Prime Time took a 13-9 victory in the first game, with the help of some home runs and in the second game the Raiders did the same thing in their, 13-11 win. They hit about 3 home runs. So, both teams got to take home a win.


After getting to the field at Brookwood and seeing a baseball game going on on my field I knew it would be one of those nights. I love it when adults look me right in the eye and tell me they have my permit. Needless to say, I cleared the squatters from the field and the Bulls and Shamrocks commenced to play. The Shamrocks had the Bulls going into the bottom of the 7th until one of the Bulls took one deep for a 3 run walk off. They won, 12-11. The Shamrocks answered with a comback, 11-5 win.


The Sunday morning teams will have two weeks of make ups with and then we will get into the playoffs. In the night division it will be the same thing, with maybe 4 teams needing 3 weeks. All of those teams are in the same division.

The Gorillaz split with the Sizzlers, winning, 10-2 and losing, 10-6. Cobra Kai did the same with the Tongue Darts. The took the first game, 11-10 and the Darts came back for a, 9-8 win. The A's took a pair from the Sloppy Seconds, 9-3 and 10-4. The Beers and Prime Time split their neighbor hood games, they all grew up together. The Gladiators took two from the Diamondbacks, 9-5 and 9-2 and Kelly & Hayes took out Eight Men Out, 10-2 and 18-1.

The Ballbusters took on the Full Swing Bunters an rolled, 8-4 and 17-5. Nightmare did not have one of its better nights losing to Unique, 9-1 and 13-7. The Young Guns split with the Chubacabras, winning, 20-19 and then losing, 6-3. Strictly Bizness took the first game against the Go Hards, 9-5, but let them off the hook in the second game, losing, 6-5. Ashley Schaefer hung with the Dalers in the first game losing, 9-5 but got beat up in the second game, 15-3.

The Charros wanted to play 4 games to catch up with their games and they had a big night on a hot night. They beat the Beavers in the first game, 9-8, then dropped the second game, 10-2. Two quick games that gave them some time to rest up and then 12 Angry Men took the field at 7:30pm and The Charros won two, 5-1 and 7-6. A good night for a good bunch of guys.


There were 6 teams scheduled to play on Thursday. Then I got a phone call that one team could not play and then I had to get to work by trying to get the best match ups for the teams that were playing. The Raiders cancelled so I had to cancel the Muckdogs. The Reruns had played Double R twice, so the best match up was Prime Time vs Double R and the Reruns vs Shamrocks. When I told Dave the manager of the Shamrocks he was playing the Reruns he started to panic a little and told me they only had 10 men and that it might me a mismatched. I told him not to worry the Reruns if better were not going to pound you each inning, they may beat you, but you will have fun playing them. I umpired the game and just before it started I told Dave not to worry and just get out there and play ball. The Shamrocks got up first and scored a run. Then the Reuns got up and scored 14 runs. However, it was not as bad as it seems. The Shamrocks played their worst inning in 7 years of softball in Major Sports. I think they gave them 6 additional outs that first inning.The final was 16-4 and a 12 run rule. Softball is a strange game... the Shamrocks came out in the second game and put up 3, 4 and 7 runs and two in the bottom of the 5th to take a, 16-4 win on a 12 run rule. Prime Time and Double R met for the first time and had two good games. The Prime won the first game, 19-13 and the R won the second game, 11-10.


The air was heavy with humidity as storm clouds pass north and south. I am glad we got these games in, because last week all these Wednesday teams did not play due to the 4th of July. Reliable Gutter is playing some good softball. They took a a pair from Premier Coin, 18-6 and 19-14. The Misfits took on Sportin' Wood and took a pair, 7-3 and 9-0. The Muff Divers took on a tough Max's Tire team and just got by them for two wins. Taking two close games, 7-6 and 6-4. In the night division, The Zoo match up with Brentwood Liquors an the teams played two close games. The Zoo won the first game, 7-3 and then B. Liquors came back for a 13-8 win. Safelite met up with the Irish Posse and after Safelite beat the Posse in the first game,  19-4 the Posse rallied on for a, 8-4 win.I get back Brookwook Hall tomorrow.


The games started late with both teams waiting for players, but when it started 12 Pack showed some clutch hitting and some slick fielding by John Kennedy at short, kept Gios big bats in check. Then Gios had a big 8 run top of 7th to win, 24-13. In the second game they won, 13-3. The Haymakers did just that, they made some hay and took two from Prime Time, 6-4 and 11-10. This was one of those neighborhood shot outs where both teams had players that went to high school together.


On a sultry night at Hidden Pond GSI met up with the Bulls. They played the first week of the season back in April and GSI has one of there better teams. Both clubs had to wait for some players to show up and that was fine since there was no late games on this summers night. GSI came out and put 9 up in the first inning. However, the Bulls chipped away at that lead each inning. They took the lead in the top of the 5th, 12-11, but in the bottom of the 5th GSI put up another 9. Then the Bulls charged one last time to get 6 in the top of the 7th, but time ran out. Final, 20-18. The second game was a win for GSI, 11-2.


First, I would like to apologize to the teams that had to move around to get their games in and to the two teams, the Ballbusters and Nightmare, whom could not make the move. The Town of Islip called me last Wednesday to say they were taking the Brookwood fields over this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. However, what they did not tell me was they were taking over the fields on Sunday. So, teams had to move and teams could not play. My apologies to everyone affected.

It was hot, but the teams played on. The Bone Crushers keep winning. They beat a good Gorillaz team, 13-9 and 15-4. They are still perfect at, 18-0. Kelly & Hayes and the Sizzlers had a barn burner in their first game. The Sizzlers won it, 25-24, but the K & H's came back for a 13-8 win in the second. The Gladiators split with the Rebels. Winning the first game, 10-7 and dropping the second to the Rebels, 12-10. The Diamonbacks beat The Beers, 4-2 and 7-2 for two wins.

The A's match up with Prime Time in the 11am down at East Islip. The first game went on and on and on before Prime Time pushed across a runner for the win in the bottom of the 14th, thats right, the bottom of the 14th to win, 5-4. Rocco the pitcher for the A's who pitched great along with his opposition,Charlie Rizzo through out the marathon games, was gracious after defeat. An errant throw pushed the winning run across for the Prime Timers. In the second game Prime Time lead all the way up to the bottom of the 7th when Matt the shortstop for the A's came up with the bases loaded needing 3 runs and gapped one between the outfielders as "Fast Eddie" came round and slid in to home for the game winner. I did the games and both teams could not have been better sportsmen or gentlemen during the entire 21 innings. My hats off to both teams.

In the Sunday night games The Charros played their pals the Full Swing Bunters and it was a fun night in the frying pan that was Hidden Pond Park. During the Autumn Classic league it is the warmest field, during the summer it is the hottest. It was cooking Sunday at 5pm. The FSB's came out and took the first game, 9-4 and then The Charros behind the enthusiastic pitching of T-Car came back for a, 12-8 win. The Go Hards got the best of the Beavers winning, 7-2 and 17-5. Unique took a pair from Strictly Bizness, 16-4 and 9-3. Ashley Schaefer and the Young Guns had to move from 5pm to 7:30pm but did it. The Ashleys took two, 16-4 and 2-10. The Dalers took on a game Chubacarbras team and won, 17-5 and 17-5.


The Warriors are looking like they have their best team in years. They took on a good Premier team and keep them in check the whole night. Winning, 13-6 and 14-7.  Gios Pizza took on Prime Time and won, 12-8 and 9-6.


The Bulls met up with Sportin Wood and split the two games. Sportin Wood came from behind in the second game pull off a big come back. The Brentwood Liquor team had there way with the Safelite Sluggers winning a pair.


The last day of June and we got all the games in. They talked about rain all day, but it stayed away long enough for us to get them all in. The Bone Crushers remain undefeated at 16-0. Six games to go for an undefeated season. It has only happen once before in Major Sports. That is out of just under 3800 teams in 22 years.

I want to take the time to wish everyone a joyous week of fun and just remember the men and woman whom make it all possible.

All Sunday will play next week unless a team tells me otherwise. I will call all the Sunday teams and make sure everyone is on the same page. I will talk to the weeknight teams to give them more schedule for the up coming weeks.


The last Thursday of June ended with four good games at Brookwood Hall. The first match up was the Raiders and the Shamrocks. When I saw the two teams warming up I said to one of the mangers that these two games will go down to the last out in each game, well... In the first game the Shamrocks led from the start. It was back and forth, but the Shamrocks held on to the lead the entire game. The Raiders had the hammer and in the bottom of the 7th, with the Shamrocks up by 2 the Raiders got two on and then Wally, one of two brothers who play on the Raiders, got the first pitch and sent it into the night. A towering home run which won it for the Raiders, 13-12. In the second game it was also back and forth. For high summer it got dark at around 8:15pm. So, chasing the light and with the Shamrocks holding on to a one run lead, the Raiders, could not answer in the top of the 7th and lost, 10-9. On the other field it was Premier and Double R going after it all night. When it had ended Double R had won two one run games, 12-11 and 5-4.


Wednesday is always a full schedule of games and this Wednesday there were some good match ups. GSI, who are having their best year in Major Sports, met up with a tough Misfits team and took the two game, 12-8 and 13-9. The Muck Dogs got their first sweep of the season by beating the Gas House Gorillas, 18-6 and 11-10. I am sure Keith enjoy his home brew after those two wins. Keith is the manager of the MDogs. The Muff Divers rocked The Zoo for two decisive wins. Taking both games, 24-6 and 16-0. I think this was just one of those nights were nothing goes right for a team and the other team is rolling on all cylinders. The Irish Posse came up big in the first game against the Weekend Warriors winning a close game, 5-4. The Weekender's just shook that loss off and came back to win the night cap, 11-5. The Reruns met up with Premier Coin and won the first game, 12-11 and then the Coin came back to take the second game, 16-6.


It was summer for sure as Tuesday rolled around. Reliable Gutter, who are now starting to play like the old Reliable Gutter of old. 12 Pack just had 9 players, so it is hard to win in that situation. However, 12 Pack showed me some spunk and hung in their the whole doubleheader. Rob " Circus Maximus" Parengkuan, made three spectacular plays at short. A great guy and a great athlete. The scores were, 13-7 and 10-4. A couple of night teams got after it at Hidden Pond. Brentwood Liquor met up with the Haymakers, who had one more run than the Liquors in a, 10-9 first game win. They took the second game, 16-4.


The only games on this Monday night was a match up with Prime Time and the Safelite Sluggers. The night was almost tropical with warm humid air hanging and rain clouds adding an eerie vibe to the night. Prime Time came out slow in the first game, but had two good innings when they put 4 and 6 runs and won the game, 13-5. They got off to a slow start in the second game with only two runs in two innings then Safelite came up in the top of the 3rd and unloaded with 8 runs. They could have put up at least 5 more, they had two good hitters bat with the bases loaded and one out, but both those hitters went gently into the night. Prime Time came back and tied it at 11-11 and in the bottom of the 8th Big Jimbo rocked a long ball that scored the winning run.


Now we are talking summer. Nothing like a hot, dusty summer day and softball. That is what we had on Sunday as the teams went at it heading into late June. The big match up in the morning was the game between the Bone Crushers, who have not lost and Kelly & Hayes a new team with talent. The Crushers took the first game, 3-1 as both teams seemed to be feeling out the other one. In the second game the Bone's got after it and won, 13-4. Eight Men Out took the first game against the Rebels, 19-12 and then Rebels won the second game in the bottom of the eight with two runs, 14-13. There were three 8 inning games on Sunday. The Gorillaz are trying to get back in the usually Gorillaz form and they should some offense in two wins over the Gladiators, 22-4 and 17-9. The Tongue Darts came up with two one run wins over Cobra Kai, 12-11 and 14-13. Prime Time took the A's, 13-1 in the first game, but had to fight them off in the second game with a, 14-11 win. The Sizzlers beat the Diamondbacks, 8-7 and 9-3. The Beers, who are playing some good softball met up with the Sloppy Seconds and took the first game, 11-4. Then the Sloppy's made a pitching change giving the ball to Paul one of their outfielders. Paul had never pitch before, but I have been around softball for 35 years now and he was amazing how good he was. He kept the Slop's in the game and they won, 4-3.

In the night divisions the Nightmare took a pair from the Ball Busters, 11-4 and 14-11. 12 Angry Men met up with Ashley Schaefer and dropped the first one to Ashley, 5-1, but came back big to win the second game, 12-0. The Go Hards won their first doubleheader of the year beating the charros, 6-1 and 7-5. Strictly Bizness came out and took two from a tough Chubacabras team, 9-8 and 15-3. The Beavers met up with the Full Swing Bunters, who are rocking this year, but the Beavers came out swinging and took the pair, 30-18 and 14-8. The Young Guns almost beat the Dalers in the first game, but lost, 9-1 and hung tough in the second game, but dropped it, 12-6.


One day before the summer solstice and the weeks last night of softball. The Raiders met up with the Double R and played them well in the first game, but lost 12-7. Double R got rolling in the second game put up 25 runs to the Raiders,  5. The Reruns split with Sportin' Wood. They won the first game, 5-4 and lost the second game to the Wood, 12-8


If I said it once, I said it five times as I was umpiring the game... What a perfect night! After Tuesday's rain, it was a nice gift. The Warriors met up with the Muff Divers and this was a nice match up. The balls were flying and teams were going at it. Two good hitting and fielding teams with the Warriors winning the first one, 14-12. Even though it was the second longest day of the year, time ran out on both teams with a, 16-16 tie after 7 innings. Both teams will get credited with wins. Sportin' Wood met up with the weekend Warriors for the second time this year. The Weekender's took a pair from them a couple of weeks ago. Sporin' Wood returned the favor on this night. They won both, 10-6 and 5-4. Max's Tire could not muster a team for the first game, but came back to win the second game, 10-5 against Premier. The Zoo and the Haymakers met up for a pair and The Zoo won, 13-5 and 21-10. The Misfits and Premier Coin got to play and the Misfits are now coming into their own. They got off to a very slow start, but now their regulars are showing up and it shows. They beat a good Premier Coin team, 11-9 and 9-5. Reliable Gutter took two from the Gas House Gorillaz, 14-7 and 6-3.


Prime Time did me a favor by saying they would play at 7:15pm vs the Brentwood Liquor team. They are a 6PM Twilight team. I was umpiring a game and could not pick up the phone when they called and told me no team was there at game time, but one team member from the other team was in the parking lot telling them it was an 8:30pm game. It was not, it was a 7:15pm game. They started a little after 8 and Prime Time took two, 10-2 and 20-2. The Bulls took two from the Muck Dogs, 9-8 and 14-2.


Well, it is the middle of June and summer has finally arrived. It is nice waking up and not walking outside in May and have it feel like it was February. Only a few teams did not play, because of Father's Day. I had to call The Charros at 2pm and tell them their opponent had cancelled. I will make it up to them.

In the morning division Eight Men Out won the first game against the Gladiators, 8-3 and then the Gladiators finally broke out, with a 14-6 win. The Diamonbacks held there own against one of the better teams in the league these days, Kelly & Hayes, but in the end succumbed, 9-7 and 12-2. The Gorillaz came back from a rough last Sunday to beat the Sizzlers in the the bottom of the 7th, 9-8 and them beat them, 14-2. The Bone Crushers look like the team to beat. They roughed up the Rebels, 13-1 and 25-1. Prime Time and the Tongue Darts split. The Darts won the first game, 11-9 and Prime Time shut them down in the second, 12-0. Cobra Kai took on a surging The Beers, who went into Sunday at, 9-1. The Kai won, 7-6 and then The Beers came back for a, 7-4 win. The Sloppy Seconds could not get out of their funk the entire doubleheader. The Slop's are getting better each week, but on Sunday they just looked like they had taking a step back ward. Mike Doyle led the A's with his big bat, knocking two over the fence and a third missed by a foot. The A's won, 8-3 and 8-1.

Ashley Schaefer will not play Strickly Bizness anymore and vice versa. Just by a quirk in the schedule and the game day cancellations on two Sundays, by two teams, they have played each other 3 times already. The Biz got the best of them the first two times, but the Ashley got some pay back on Sunday and took two, 16-10 and 14-12. Unique had a little two much of the Beavers and won, 12 and 27-5. The Ball Busters met up with the Chubacabras and took the first game, 10-7, but the Chuba's came back for a, 10-0 shutout. The Go Hards played 12 Wonderful Men, a.k.a. 12 Angry Men. I have asked them what their team name is many a time and they have yet to decide. The 12 won, 11-5, but the Go Hards bounced back for a, 7-4 victory. The Dalers met up with Nightmare and both teams took a win home on Father's Day. The Night won, 14-6 and the Dalers won, 20-12.


With college football being my first love and once upon a time lining up at wide receiver for East Carolina in the Old Southern Conference. This is how long ago I played, I played with the first black, George Whitley, to ever play in the Southern Conference. That was 1967. He was the only black player in the conference that year. I also played with by brother Denny, who was a quarterback. On any given Saturday, I will watch college football all day. On Sunday, I may not ever watch a down of pro football. So, when I was umpiring the other night and started talking to the catcher on the Irish Posse, he told me he played for Southern Connecticut and that his brother the pitcher played for Cortland. They played at West Babylon, I played at Bay Shore. They were in our conference back in the old days and remember the scores we beat them by, 26-7 my junior year, and 37-6 my senior year. It is funny I can remember the scores of every game I played in from high school through college, but cannot add or subtract and sister is a mathematics teacher at Bellport High School. Shows you what is important to me. Those brothers are named Ted and James Fulton and they are the nicest guys you would want to meet. Good men, good sportsmen and good football players. That just makes me long for that first college game in the Autumn...


Well, the only good thing I can say about this week is we did get some games in. However, it was an exercise in futility. Working on fields for hours to get them ready and then it would rain. Teams calling, umpires calling and the rain kept coming. I am glad it is over. Since April 1 it has been the worst weather I can ever remember for his extended period of time.


It was nice to see the sun. The Misfits met up with Double R and look like they are starting to click. Double R has a good team and the Misfits took them in two, 23-5 and 12-11. The Shamrocks have been rolling, but this week they caught up with a Premier team that has been putting up some good numbers. Two good games, played clean on offense and defense, with Premier taking two,11-6 and 10-5. Max's Tire could not play on Tuesday, because of the rain, but they played on Wednesday and met up with Premier Coin. They lost the first game, 9-6, but took the second game, 12-10. The Misfits took on the The Zoo and came out swinging. They beat The Zoo, 17-6 and 11-10. The Irish Posse keeps playing and having fun and they almost got their second win, but lost the second game, 9-8. They dropped the first game, 11-2. The Muckdogs have had a tough first part of the season. They almost beat the Gas House Gorillas in the first game, but lost, 12-11 and then just check out and got beat, 33-6.



If I see a window of opportunity to get fields ready to play after big rains I take it on as a mission. However, the weather has to cooperate to some degree. I got the fields ready, but the rains came before, during and after game time. No one played at Hidden Park. Down at Brookwood Gios and the Warriors got one in with the Warriors winning, 6-5. Prime Time, which has been rained out several times and went into Tuesdays games with only two games being played the entire season, wanted to play and so did the Raiders. Both teams played through a rain storm and finished up a field that was drenched with rain. Both teams took home a win.


Since April 1, this has been 70 days of cold weather and rain. We have lucked out considering all the bad weather we have had. However, it seems that twice a week I am out working fields and getting huge amounts of rain off of them. Here we go again.

My apologies to the Twilight and Night teams for not having a complete schedule. There are about 4 teams that have giving me there availability week by week. I am going to start giving those teams that know when they want to play three of four weeks of schedule. I have no problem with those teams not giving me their days and not one team has complained. I appreciate that. With little league and girls sports it makes it tough of the fathers who manage those teams to know what say they can play. I want to thank all of the teams for their understanding.


I was tracking the storm from Florida starting last Monday. At first it did not look good for Sunday, but it moved fast and dumped all of it's rain on Friday, not on Saturday. It was busy day on Saturday getting the fields ready, but the show must go on and on it did. All the fields were prepped and ready to go by early Sunday morning.

The Rebels, which were omitted from the standings this week by mistake, took on Eight Men Out and both teams had to have had their bowl of Wheaties before this one. Both teams scored over 30 runs each. The Rebels won, 21-15 and the Eight won, 14-12. The Sizzlers hookedBottom of Navigation Bar up with the Diamonbacks and the Backs hung tough the whole double header, but dropped both games, 8-2 and 7-4. The Beers beat their pals Prime Time, they grew up in the same neighborhood. Prime Time could not get anything going offensively and lost both, 4-1 and 13-4. The Bone Crushers took the Gladiators, 13-0 in the first game, but almost let the second game slip away. They just got by the Glad's, 4-3. Kelly & Hayes looks sharper each week. They took the Gorillaz, who scored the least amount of runs ever in their history by only putting up 2 runs in the doubleheader. The A's won their first game in the second game against the Tongue Darts, 10-1. The Darts won the first game, 8-3. Cobra Kai, won the first game against Sloppy Seconds, 8-7, but the Seconds came back for a 10-9 win in the second game.

In the Sunday night divisions the Chubacabras were going to sit, because I have 13 teams, buy they decided they would play 4 games. So, they beat The Charros, 6-1 and 23-4, but lost two to the Full Swing Bunters, 9-6 and 9-5. The Ball Busters took a pair from Ashley Schaefer, 10-7 and 13-9. Unique took on the Young Guns and took two, 13-1 and 16-15. Nightmare matched up with their high school buddies, Strictly Bizness. They won the first one, 12-2, but were shut out by "Old School" Tommy Cole, 4-0. The Dalers beat the beavers, 14-11 and 18-3. 12 Angry Men match up with the Go Hards. The Go Hards have been getting after it for years and this year they are just having trouble putting up some wins. They are in every game to the bitter end, but have come up short in 9 of them. They dropped the first game to the 12, 16-14, In the second game 12 Angry Men were up, 3-1 when Wil Richardson, cleared the bases with a hit to tie it. I thought it was a good sign for the Go Hards, but the 12 pushed across another 10 for a, 14-10 win.


Let me take this time to extend my apologies to Double R and the Reruns, especially Double R. Two weeks ago their games were cut short when both teams thought that they could have played on a few more innings. I consider the umpire doing that game is one of my best, but sometimes things happen.He stopped it and from that point some things were said.  I was not there, however I have spent considerable time in the last two weeks going over this with both teams. The two teams have probably played at least 16 or 17 years each in Major Sports and I have only heard one or two complaints from those teams over that time, if any. After talking to one of Double R's players that I told could not play in the league anymore, I have reinstated that player. I also made mention that a player on Double R was notorious for using loaded bats. That player has not been on Double R for two years. Again, I apologize for not getting all of the information I should have to make those statements. Both teams played last night and split with Double R winning, 18-9 and the Reruns winning, 6-3.


On Wednesdays I know I have a full day of work. Twelve to fourteen teams play on every Wednesday. With the day to day work and making sure the fields are game ready I look forward to game time. GSI, who have been playing some good softball from the start of the year, met up with last years twilight champions, the Misfits. The Misfits took the first game, 11-6, but GSI took the second game, 6-3. Premier met up with Premier Coin for the second time this year. In the first show down Premier took the pair. In the first game Premier got out in front and stayed there for a, 13-11 win. In the second game, the Coin, came back for a, 5-4 win. The Weekend Warriors are playing some good softball. They have been in the league for about 7 years and are off to there best start. They beat the Gas House Gorillas in the first game, 7-4. The House came back for a, 14-3 win. Sportin' Wood took on the Irish Posse and took the first game.

The Irish Posse, a new team to Major Sports, won their first game last week. I got to see them for the first time on that same night and they have some good players. When they play good defense they can win. They have one or two players that could play on any team in the league. They dropped two las night to Sportin' Wood, 13-6 and 19-6. If they just played a little better defense they could have won one of those games. On the other hand, I say some of their outfielders make some great plays. So, when they get some games under their belt they will start to win some more. A great bunch of guys, who just want to play the game and have some fun.

The Zoo played Brentwood Liquor last night and both teams got a win. The Zoo came out smoking and took the first game, 14-2. Brentwood took it in stride and came out and beat The Zoo, 12-4. The Bulls game with the Muff Divers had to be cancelled.


Max's Tire and Gios went after it on Tuesday. As always, teams play doubleheaders in this league, but on this night as the first game went to 11 innings, that is all they could play. With both teams rocking the ball it was tied after 7 and went 4 more innings, before the Mad Max's pulled off a, 16-15 win. The Warriors had a little two much for Reliable last night, winning a pair, 20-8 and 17-5. The Raiders played 12 Pack and both teams took a win each. The Raides won the first game, 17-14 and 12 Pack came back for a 12-10 win in the second. The Safelite Sluggers without their three best sluggers, had a tough time last night against the Haymakers, who took a pair, 25-4 and 20-1.


I did not think it rained much late Sunday into Monday morning, until I saw Hidden Pond. With no sun and no wind blowing there was no way Hidden Pond was going to be playable. So, I spent my time at Brookwood Hall and got one field playable. The Shamrocks took two from the Muckdogs, 15-5 and 19-1. The Shamrocks hit everything right on the sweet part of their bats.


Back from the Memorial Day break every team got on the field this week to play softball. One team would have sat in the night division if it was not for Strictly Bizness, who played four games. In the night division I have 13 teams, so someone has to sit unless a team wants to play 4 games.

Lets start with Strictly Bizness. They match up for their first two games against an always tough Dalers team. It was a windy night on the south shore, so that added to the mix. The Dalers took the first game, 22-18. In the second game, the Biz could not muster any offense and lost, 32-2. Now, they have to play two more. In the first game against Ashley Schaefer, they were down by 9, but fought back to win, 19-15. With one game to go, they got behind again, 9-1, but fought back to take a, 13-12 victory. A long night that ended well for the Biz.

The Charros and Beavers, split. with The Charros winning, 20-8 and the Beavers winning, 15-14. The Go Hards won their first game in the second game of the doubleheader, 12-10. The Young Guns took the first game, 18-4 with some good hitting. The Full Swing Bunters took two from 12 Angry Men, 5-3 and 14-9. At Hidden Pond Park the Ball Busters split with the Chubacabras, winning, 11-9 and losing, 6-5. Unique met up with their arch rivals the Nightmare and got the best of them on this night, 11-4 and 18-12.

In the Sunday morning divisions Cobra Kai and the Diamondbacks split. The Kai won, 12-6 and the Backs won, 16-8. The Gladiators did not have enough players, 6 showed up so the Sizzlers did not play. The Beers won a two from the A's, who have lost 6 one run games. The Beers won, 5-4 and 6-5. Kelly & Hayes look good against the Rebels, winning, 10-3 and 6-3. The Bone Crushers look better each week. Taking two from the Gorillaz, 10-9 and 24-15. Sloopy Seconds met up with the Tongue Darts and took the second game, 14-2 after dropping the first game, 3-2. Eight Men Out took two over Prime Time, 7-4 and 8-7.


The Reruns got off to their slowest start ever this year. I think they went into their games with Double R without a win. Double R has been playing some good softball, but softball is a strange game. Double R may have been missing a player or two, they will be missing two more players after last night, that is a story that will follow this one, but I still thought they would play well against the Reruns. They may have, but the Reruns played better, they took two, 20-8 and 11-7.

One of the players on Double R made a grave mistake in cursing out the umpire and saying some things that are about as unapproiate as you can get. So, he can no longer play in this league. Another player, that I have asked point blank if he uses a loaded bat at least two to three times over the years, was caught using a loaded bat in another league. He can no longer play in Major Sports...EVER AGAIN. It just substantiates what I have known for years.


The last big night of softball before the Memorial Day weekend arrives. There is one doubleheader scheduled for tomorrow, but the way the weather is projecting for big rain, it does not look good. Premier put together two good games to beat last years champions, The Misfits, 9-4 and 19-7. These teams will have a rematch later in the season. The Muff Divers came up big again against Premier Coin. They played them the first week of the season and their rematch was tongiht. The Divers came up with two wins, 17-5 and 10-7. The Zoo took the field for only the second time this year, they started a few weeks late, but they will get all their games in as they always do. They beat the Safelight Sluggers, 14-6 and 19-7. Sportin' Wood took two from the Irish Posse, 19-3 and 15-7. The Weekend Warriros started up late as they always do and came up big against the Gas House Gorrilas taking a pair, 14-7 and 10-3.


Gios Pizza met up with their rivals Reliable Gutter for a pair and came out busting. These two teams have been getting after one another for 10 years. Gios had to much offense on this night and won, 17-5 and 19-11. Brentwood Liquors took on the Haymakers at Hidden Pond and won two big games, 12-9 and 11-6. Thes teams split the first week.


The Bulls always come down to play. Charlie Gambino there manager always brings down a full squad of Bulls to get after it. There are off to a slow start and going into to Monday's game there were not playing well in the early innings. The Shamrocks had them on the ropes, 6-1 and then came the offensive surge. They picked up 5 runs in the the last two innings and won it in extra innings, 7-6. In the second game the Shamrocks, put up 5 in the first and that was it for the rest of the game.  The Bulls pulled out two wins with a, 7-5 victory in the second game. The Bulls are back.

GSI has their best team since they started 7 years ago. The Muck Dogs can always put together some good games and they did in the second game, losing, 5-2. However, in the first game they got beat, 17-2.


I thought a little rain was going to come through on Sunday. A little rain did, it rained a little all day long into the night. You could not see the rain on the computer weather maps, so I had no idea if it would last or not. We got the morning games in, but that was it. I drove down to Brookwood Hall at about 3pm to see the condition of the fields. I sat there in my truck and that misty rain kept coming down and after an hour of watching my wind shield wipers I got out of the truck, walked to the fields and the first step I took sunk in about 2 inches. That was that, I cancelled all night games.

The Bone Crushers beat a good veteran team with timely defense and hitting. They beat the Sizzlers, 7-3 and 14-3. Kelly & Hayes got back on the field and put a quick 15 runs on the gladiators to win the first game, 15-0.  The K & H'ers came back for a, 10-4 win in the second game. Once the Gladiators get some games in they will be a force. The Rebels split with the Gorillaz, losing, 13-6, but coming back for an impressive, 13-12 victory. It was good to see Billy and Ryan from Sloppy Seconds. They moved to Florida for work, but were back for the weekend to play some softball. However, they all went to a wedding the night before and the residual effects of their late night did not assist them against Prime Time, who won, 16-7 and 16-4. Cobra Kai and the Eight Men Out split their two, with the Kai winning, 9-1 and the Eight coming back for a, 12-8 victory. The Beers took two close games against the Tongue Darts, 8-5 and 5-4. The Diamondbacks met up with the A's and dropped a pair, 5-0 and 10-4.

No teams will play over Memorial Day weekend. It is a nice time to relax and reflect on what that day means to us all. Over the years there are many men and women who have sacrificed for this great country. Take some time and reflect on their sacrifice.

The Sunday morning schedule is complete if teams want to email me or call me and leave me your addresses, I will mail them out to you. I will be completing the Sunday night schedule in the next few days.


The week closed out with Double R taking on Sportin' Wood. I thought this game would have been a little closer and it would have if Sportin' Wood would have fielded a little better. However, Double R came to play and won a pair, 16-4 and 26-6.


Sunday is the busiest day for softball in Major Sports, but Wednesday is the second busiest day.  There are usually 10 to 12 teams that play on any given Wednesday when the weather is accommodating and this was a nice Wednesday for softball. Max's Tire met up with Premier Coin and both teams got themselves a win. Max's won the first game, 12-9 and the Coin came back for a, 15-5 win. The Muff Divers played Premier for the first time. The Diver's came out hitting the rock, as did Premier, but the Divers had the edge in the end, 12-9. Then in the second game it was a barn burner with Premier getting the best of the Muff's, 15-14. Safelite met with their pals Brentwood Liquor and the teams split. Safelite won, 16-14 and Brentwood won, 11-7. The last two teams to start the 2013 season were the Misfits, last years Champions of the twilight league and The Zoo. The Zoo won the first game, 4-3 and the Misfits answered, 8-7. The Reruns are off to their slowest start ever in Major Sports. They dropped two to the Gas House Gorillas, a team I do not they have ever lost a game to. They got beat, 25-9 and 11-5. Now, because they played at Venetian, two or three of their players could not make it. So, I know the Runs will get back on track as the season moves on.


It is still a chilly for my bones, but as long as it is dry that is alright with me. The Warriors got back on the war path with a match up with an old rival, Gios Pizza. These are two of the better teams in all of Major Sports, so I knew there would be some fire works. The Warriors left the field with two victories, 13-10 and 17-6.

The Raiders met up with Reliable Gutter and both teams were rocking the ball in the first game. With the Raiders just about out of it in the first game, they put up 4 runs in the top of the 7th with a long home run by Big Nick. Then in the bottom of the 7th with the score tied, Dan O'Brien knocked in the winning run.  In the second game the Raiders won, 11-5.

Prime Time, that is the name we will use for now with this team, played 12 Pack at Hidden Pond. Both teams took, 8-7 victories.

The Irish Posse keep getting better each week, but they dropped two against the Haymakers, 14-2 and 16-5.


After a Mother's Day Sunday, the skies were blue and the twilight teams cranked it up. The Shamrocks, coming off two losses last week to tough GSI team, met up with a depleted Muck Dog team that was missing two of its starters. The Shamrocks took the first game, 10-7 and rolled in the second game, 10-2. The Shamrocks were also down a man or two. GSI seems to have their best team ever in the 6 years they have played. They came out on Monday and took the Bulls, 16-4 and 12-0.

I made a mistake on the Strictly Bizness score from Sunday, they beat Ashley Schaefer, 20-13, not 13-7.


Mother's Day is turing into a day when only half the teams can play. With bad weather all day Saturday and into Sunday morning the fields where mush. Unfortunately, by 10A.M. the sun was out, but it was to late for the 6 morning teams that wanted to play. We did get 6 teams on the field for the night games after spending a couple of hours on the fields. The Charros denied the Go Hards their first win of the seasons by playing two good games against them and taking a, 6-4 and 10-7 victories home for Mother's Day. The Go Hards are winless, but have been in every game right down to the last out. Strictly Bizness took care of business with two well played games against Ashley Schaefer. They won, 8-3 and 13-8. The Chubacabras are not the team they were when they first came into the league four years ago. Now, they are a well rounded team with good hitters that play good defense. Matt the shortstop had a great game of fielding in their games with the Full Swing Bunters. The Chuba's rock and rolled in the first game, 14-5. Then in the second game just could not get the offense going. Both teams were not hitting and it was the Chuba's, 3-1 going into the top of the 7th. Then the F.S.B. woke up. Timely hit after timely hit and home run by one of their big boppers and all of a sudden 7 runs had crossed the plate. The Chubacabras could not answer in the bottom of the 7th and the final was, 8-5, Full Swing Bunters.


A wet Wednesday and Thursday, but most teams that were scheduled got to play. There were a few rain outs, but the way the weather man was talking, I thought it was going to be a washout from Wednesday on, but the teams played. Last night Double R drew first blood and took the first game against Gios, 7-3. Then Double R's bats went silent. Gios took them, 12-1.


Well, after some real unseasonable dry weather the rain came. I did not expect to get any games in the way the weather people were talking leading into Wednesday. However, with my "Trusty, Rusty the Tractor" , we did get some games in. Premier Coin had two big wins last week against Max's Tire. Premier Coin, got beat by the Muff Divers last week. Of course this week Premier Coin beat Premier, 17-5 and 6-1. That's softball.  The Muff Dives continued their winning ways beating Max's Tire, 7-1 and 22-9. The Haymakers took on the Safelite Sluggers and took the pair, 16-9 and 10-5. Double R and Gios Pizza will finish up the week tomorrow.


Reliable Gutter and Sportin' Wood played on Tuesday. Both teams have been in the league for years. However, on Reliable Gutter, I saw a new face in the outfield. Sportin' Wood came out and took the initiative by beating Reliable, 12-7 in the first game. In the second game it looked like the Wood were going home with win #2 going into the last inning of a shorten game due to darkness. In the last inning Reliable came to life with 7 runs to put it away. After the game I went up to the new player on Reliable and told him good catch, he had made a nice catch in that last inning. He had also misplayed a couple during the doubleheader. That is when, Scott, the manger mentioned to me that was his nephew and that he had just back from two tours in Iraq. I gave his nephew a hug and told him how much I appreciated his service and that he was a hero. His name is Scott Roybal and his uncle Scott is also a veteran. To any veterans in my league I just want you all to know that you are all American heros to me.

12 Pack took on the Raiders for both teams first games and the 12 put up 29 in the first game and won, 29-12. The Raiders showed some fight in the second game, but dropped it, 18-16. Brentwood Liqours took on the Irish  Posse and came up with two wins, 18-2 and 14-2.


Twilights started last week, but all the teams did not play. Most of them will get on the field this week with the last two starting next week. The Muck Dogs took a long time in finally putting their squad together, so I was not sure what they would bring to the game on Monday against the Bulls. Well, they came out slugging and beat a good Bulls team, 11-5 in the first game. The Bulls jumped out to a big lead in the second game, but as night fell, the Dogs staged a big time rally and being behind by 7, caught the Bulls for a 10-10 tie. Both teams will get victories for the tie. GSI having rocked the Reruns last week kept it up against the Shamrocks on Monday and took two, 6-2 and 12-7.


It is very early in the season, but with great softball weather the last two Sundays, teams are getting after it. In the morning divisions the Bone Crushers seem to trim and fit coming off last summers great season. They took on Eight Men Out and after a well played, 3-1 victory over the eight, they put up 17 in a , 17-5 victory. The Sizzlers and Kelly & Hayes opened up their season. The Sizzlers have put up at least 16 or 17 years in Major Sports and this is K & H's first summer, they played in the Autumn Classic League and went right down to the last out to get beaten by the Dalers.The Sizzlers took their pals in a sweep, 10-6 and 6-5. The Gladiators could not play, so the Gorillaz played at 5pm against the Dalers. The Dalers won those two, 13-12 and 17-15. The Rebels and the Diamonbacks split. The Rebels took the first game, 12--11 and the Diamonbacks returned the favor and won, 8-7. The A's and Tongue Darts played two defensive gems. Not a lot of runs scored, but good fielding on both sides kept the scores down. Rocco, the former manager of The Kore, plays with the A's these days and pitch tow gems. Unfortunately, Anthony Bellz, pole axed a home run in the 7th of the first game to give the Dart's, a 3-2 win. In the second game the A's were ahead, 3-0, when Aaron Brottman hit a grand slam. That game went extra innings and was won in the bottom of the 9th by the Darts, 5-4. Sloppy Seconds came out in the first game again and pounded the ball. They did the same thing last week against the Tongue Darts, but lost in the end. Yesterday they held The Beers off and won, 21-14. The Beers showed some fire power of their own in the second game and took a, 13-0 win. Prime time took two from the Cobra Kai, 11-9 and 10-8.

Sunday night games had the Ball Busters opening up the season with the Young Guns. They rocked them the first game with a, 21-4 score. In the second game it was back and forth for 7 innings, but in the end the Busters, won, 21-20. The Chubacabras are undefeated at, 4-0 with two competitive games against the Go Hards. Will Richardson, the manager of the Go Hards always calls in the score with a little recap. He said they had two competitive games, but dropped both, 12-10 and 8-4. The Full Swing Bunters played a new team The Charros, a team of their friends that they recommended to play in the league, which always makes for two competitive games. The Charros came back from a 7 run deficit to win the first one, 11-8. However, the F.F. B's were not going to be out done by friends and they won the second game, 11-8. The same thing was going on over at the south field at Brookwood Hall. Nightmare was playing their pals Strictly Bizness. They all went to East Islip together. The Biz almost had them in the first game. However, a sharp line drive off the shin of the pitcher and a wild throw after cost them the first game, 12-11. The second game was a, 10-4, Nightmare victory. Unique took on the Beavers at Venetian and took their games, 20-14 & 12-0.

Some teams will not play next week due to Mother's Day, if anyone on the schedules want to back out let me know as soon as possible. Happy Mothe's Day to all those sweet Moms.


The last day of the week for Major Sports, we do not play on Fridays or Saturdays, had to veteran teams matching up. Double R is back after taking last year off, Randy Johnson has managed a team in Major Sports for over 15 years. Their opponent the Warriors a seasoned bunch of veterans that have played for years. The first game was a barn burner with 42 runs being scored. Double R finished on top of that one, 22-20. In a shortened game, because of daylight, the Warriors bounced back for a, 10-4 victory in 5 innings.


GSI had to cancel on Monday against the Shamrocks. I think the Reruns wished they could have cancelled on Wednesday against them. The Reruns have been playing in this league for over 15 years and have won a lot more than they have lost. I actually thought that it was going to be a bit of a mismatch with GSI, thinking the Reruns would really get after them. From the first swing GSI took in the first inning their bats did not cool off for 10 innings, thats  right 10 innings, two 12 run ruled wins over the formidable Reruns. The first was a 15-3 win and the second was a, 14-2 win. The Reruns will answer in the weeks ahead, but they ran into a buzz saw in GSI. Premier Coin met up with the Muff Divers and the Divers took two, 16-7 and 10-3. A new team in the league the Irish Posse met up with the Safelite Sluggers. The Sluggers took both, 18-6 and 19-12. The Irish Posse will fit right in and enjoy their first year in Major Sports.


The first games of the week day seasons were played last night. Two twilight teams met up, Premier and Max's Tire. Both teams have very good squads and the night was just perfect for softball, especially this early in the season. Max's came out and pounded the ball in the first 4 innings. In the 4th inning they put up 7 and had the bases loaded with one out and could have put Premier away. Two pop ups and Premier was out of the inning, reeling, but still in it. Then their bats came alive and chip away at the lead and came up with a tie game after 6 innings at ,15-15. In the bottom of the inning they pushed the winning run across the plate. In the second game they won 12-7. In the night division we had the Haymakers meeting up with Brentwood Liquors. The Haymakers took the first game, 17-15 and Brentwood came back in the second game for a, 13-11 win.


The entire month of April only gave us one or two decent days leading up to opening day this past Sunday. As a matter of fact it was about 12 degrees colder per day than average. That is cold and raw and not exactly softball weather. I was hoping for some warm spring weather on Sunday and we sure got it. It could not have been any better. It could have been a little warmer for my sake, but the day was glorious as we kick off the first games of 2013.

Heading out to do the fields on Saturday night turned into an time of adroit thinking . After putting down the foul lines, which takes some time the first time you put them down. I got my tractor off the trailer and had to shut it off to adjust the back rack. When I got back on it, it did not start. I tried to jump it and it still would not start. So, here I was with the opening day bearing down on me and the fields have not been worked on since the day before Sandy rolled around in late October. I started pulling the drag net behind me for the first field at Brookwood Hall. By time that was done, my legs and I am in shape, felt fatigued and heavy. Then the light went on in the old pumpkin head and I just put the drag net behind the truck and did the rest that way. If the fields were muddy it never would have worked and I cannot remember an opening day when the fields were not muddy. When Sunday morning broke temperate and cloudless I knew it would be a great opening day... and it was.

I have been doing this for 22 years and in that time over 3700 hundred teams have played in this league. Many of the teams have played for 10, 12 14 years. Some for 18 or 19 years. One or two for over 20 years. I have witnessed young kids that once came down to watch their fathers play, playing with their fathers now. I have witnessed girlfriends who once watched their boyfriends, now married to them with two and three kids. I have seen mothers and fathers  year in and year out for since the 90's, pulling up folding chairs watching their children. On Sunday 24 of the 28 Sunday teams started and I got to see about 16 of those teams as I stopped by the fields to give out softballs and scorebooks. At every stop as I approached the teams many of the players would walk toward me with greetings, a handshake or a hug. I have gotten to know so many of the players and managers over the years and I just want you all to know it is my pleasure and honor to have you all put your trust in me to deliver to you as good a softball season as I can. One of these days when all this is over, I will always think back to these exact times and I will reflect on how lucky I was to know all of you.

The Rebels opened up with Eight Men Out. The Rebels took the first game, 17-5, but the Eight came back for a, 12-7 victory. The Bone Crushers are off to a good start. They took on the formidable, Gladiators, but took two, 15-6 and 21-8. Prime Time came out swinging. They beat a tough Gorillaz team, 18-12 in the first game, but dropped the second game, 7-5. Sloppy Seconds added some good softball players to the roster and had the Tongue Darts on the ropes, bleeding in the first game. However, with two outs in the 6th the Darts came up with 7 runs to tie it and then they won it in the 8th, 11-10 The Darts took the second game, 11-0. The Diamondbacks took the first game from Cobra Kai, 6-5 and then the Kai answered with a, 12-10 win. The Beers are back and they took two from the a's, 4-1 and 3-2.

In the Sunday night divisions the Chubacabras came to play and they took two from a new team, they have no name yet, so I will call them Kyles Kids, 21-9 and 14-9. Two heavy hitters, the Unique and the Nightmare faced off to start the season. Unique came out hot and won the first game, 19-5. Nightmare, always game, came back for a 11-6 victory. 12 Angry Men, I think they changed their name this year, met up with Strictly Bizness, last years Smurfs. The Beavers and Ashley Schaefer opened up their seasons with each team taking home a victory. The Beavers won, 7-5 and Ashley won, 15-7. The Full Swing Bunters matched up with the Go Hards. The Go Hards have been getting better each year for about 5 years. Both teams went back and forth with big innings, but the Bunters came up with the most runs in the first game for a, 16-14 win. A couple of mistakes in the outfield cost the Go Hards the second game. Dropping it, 10-8. The Young Guns took the Dalers in the first game, 13-12. The Dalers put up all their runs in the second up in one inning. The Young Guns chipped away and got it to, 6-5, but they could push across any more runs and lost it by that score.


Last week felt more like winter than spring, but yesterday gave us all a taste for summer. I know everybody is ready to go and two weeks from this Sunday we will do just that. The Sunday Morning division has 15 right now and the Sunday Night division has 14. The Twilight division, which will start on Monday, May 6, has 18 teams. The Night division has 7, but several of the twilight teams will play some at night so that will put 6 or 7 more teams in that schedule mix.

Needless to say, I am looking for a great year of softball for all the teams. I will be contacting all the teams within the next 10 days. If anyone has any questions, please call, 631.666.1360 or email.


I would like to take this time to welcome everyone to Major Sports and the 2013 softball season. The end of the Autumn Classic League last year is one for the ages. With Hurricane Sandy still fresh in our minds and not being able to finish the playoffs for about 10 teams for the first time ever my hope is that everyone is doing well.

If anyone has any questions about anything just contact me and I will get back to you. The Town of Islip has informed me that all the fields will be ready for play and I look forward to seeing you all once again as Major Sports starts it's 22nd season.

The best always...


Well, the last games were played the Sunday before Thanksgiving between the Daler's and the Bonecrushers. The week before that the Dalers beat Kelly and Hayes. I will get into to that match up below this post. The Autumn Classic league started off with some of the best weather we have had in some time. I remember commenting many a time during the weeks leading up to Hurricane Sandy, that the weather was beautiful for the night games and the Sunday games, too. It all ended on that Monday when Sandy came crashing in with it's wind's, tide's and rain to end the season for most of the teams that were left in the playoffs. Some of the Sunday night teams did not finish their playoffs and some of the weeknight teams did not finish. For the Sunday morning divisions all but two did not get their final playoff in. Half of the teams left told me they could not play if they wanted to, because some of their teammates were caught up in the destruction and some of their teammates were either policemen, firemen or sanitation and could not play.

I just want to thank all the teams for the way they handled the crises and for their understanding. My only hope is that everyone is doing well and that they can get on with their day to day lives. It was another great year and the reason it was a great year is because of the players and managers that give me the opportunity to have them in Major Sports. I will look forward to next year as much as many of you all are. The best always and enjoy the Christmas season with your family and friends and thanks again for letting me serve you.


Two very good teams, unfortunately only one can be crowned the champion. There was suppose to be two umpires for the game. However, late on Saturday night one of my umpires that was schedule for the game called and told me that he was not going to be able to umpire, because of a family accident. I called a few umpires that morning and no one picked up the phone. I did contact one umpire who told me he would be there, but would be a half hour late. He never showed up... which makes me look like an idiot, because I told both teams and the other umpire, that an umpire was on the way. In the first game the Daler's came out rocking and took a, 25-10 win. It shows you that the Bone Crushers are just that, because they came back with a country beating of their own, 25-9. With one to go it was the Daler's bringing all they could for a, 17-12 victory to take the playoff crown.

On Monday, Dan Davis of the Dalers dropped me an email. Dan and the Daler's have been in the league for 15 years and his email was telling me what a great bunch of guys that every team that played them had. That each week the competition was great, but what is as important was that he said each team was as nice as the next. He said the Bone Crushers were gentlemen and that it was a great playoff against them. I just wanted to pass that on to the teams, because to me that is what all of this is about. Going out, playing hard and enjoying the esprit de corp of the opponent and your fellow teammates.

Skull and Bones


1. Kelly & Hayes
2. Bonecrushers
3. Gorillaz
4. Dalers
5. Unique
6. Misfits
7. Dr. Print
8.  Chiefs
9. Brentwood Liqours
10. Blue Shirts
11. Bat Boys
12. Hitmen
13. Warriors
14. Raiders(Nights)
15. Sizzlers
16. 12 Angry Men
17.Ashley Schaefer
18. The Zoo
19. Go Hards
20. Los Flamas Blancas

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